Is Quantum Break the Xbox One’s Uncharted?

This week, Twinfinite's video team discusses the hot debates that have taken the gaming world by storm. Quantum Break, the Xbox One’s latest exclusive, has finally released.

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Eonjay2972d ago

No, but its definitely the Xbox One's Quantum Break.

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mark_parch2971d ago

i completed qb last night and have to say i thought the story was outstanding and the combat was better than i thought it would be. its biggest problem is movement is a bit clunky but overall i thought it was a really good game i don't think it will be anywhere near uncharted though.

babadivad2971d ago

Only trolls who haven't played it are hating on it. Speaking of trolls, Remedy better be developing Alan Wake 2. They are trolling us pretty damn hard with AW throughout Quantum Break.

MagicBeanz2971d ago

So anyone who says anything remotely negative about it hasn't played it huh? So all those low scores it got were from people who hadn't played the game to make the review? You need to deal with the fact the game didn't do as well as people thought it would.

81BX2971d ago

Playing it now. Excellent game.. shooter mechanics could use some work but overall its good. Wish they would stop that grainy look it has also sometimes i get some motion blur when characters move. Amazing detail overall as well.

Morgue2971d ago

The story is no different than anything you would see on the SYFY channel at best and the only thing intriguing about it is the underlying message they are feeding you. That aside. I'm on act 5 and the action and overall flow of the game has finally picked up and is quite incredible at times when mixed with your powers and I wish that the whole game would've been like this.

Depending on what's left too find. I'll end up finishing the game with an almost 80% completion which isn't bad all things considered and for a first play through. Yet I will probably trade it in along with the Alan Wake codes because I already have those and the game.

babadivad2971d ago


No, you can be critical without trolling. I'm talking about the people saying, it's "just a lame tv show". You know they are trolls, but they get the most up votes. The story is excellent. The game play is extremely solid. It's not the best 3rd person shooter I've ever played but it's still very fun. I like the creativity the powers give you when dealing with enemies. The shooting mechanics are no worse than Uncharted in that category *granted I've only played unchanged 1 but still*. So, like I said, it's possible to criticize without trolling.

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nthstew2971d ago

just bought the game on PC hope its runs good on my GTX 970.. NO nvdia gameworks disappointing.

esemce2971d ago

It runs very poorly even on a titan GPU: http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...

343_Guilty_Spark2971d ago

That's because DX12 games in general run better on AMD cards

kevnb2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

It's playable at medium for now, I'm sure it will get better soon enough. It's a new engine on a still new api on the windows store. A few updates and maybe a driver update should help.

butchertroll2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Xbone's Uncharted??? Just no! I mean, BIG NO! You can find that somebody thinks that QB is the Last Of Us. LOL!


Rhythmattic2971d ago

It just could be a good game...
Albeit Short, No multiplayer..............
I enjoyed the order @ $15.

BEASELY2971d ago

I would almost deem this proposition disresectful to the Uncharted name.

bleedsoe9mm2971d ago

qb is better than uncharted 1 and 3 not quite as good as uncharted 2

magiciandude2971d ago

Quantum Break is the Uncharted 1 of Xbox One. This has huge potential to become the next big franchise.

Eonjay2971d ago

Sam Lake said not to expect a sequel. The reason had to do with logistics of producing the live action segment.

IamTylerDurden12971d ago

Uncharted Drake's Fortune "Uncharted 1" was an 88 Metacritic.

Quantum Break (xbone's The Order 1886) is a 77 Metacritic.

QB isn't even close to any Uncharted game.

Do u honestly think QB 2 will be equivalent to Uncharted 2 (96 Metacritic)?

magiciandude2971d ago


The Order 1886 is only 63 on Metacritic. If it's Xbox One's The Order 1886 then this is what The Order 1886 should've been. ;)

3-4-52971d ago

* Man Twinfinite asks some of the dumbest questions sometimes.

* I own a XB1...not a PS4.....and NO It's not even close to uncharted.

Why was this even written ? O yea...clicks.

IamTylerDurden12971d ago

Quantum Break is a 77 on Metacritic, how can it even be compared to ANY Uncharted/ND game?

Uncharted 2 = 96 Metacritic

Uncharted 3 = 92 Metacritic

Even Drake's Fortune was an 88, and that's considered to be the worst.

No comparison. QB is an average game, Uncharted is a legendary series.

Eonjay2971d ago

Truth be told, the title is just clickbait and it isn't actually what the video is about.

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Erik73572971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Really? I find the this new ip to be amazing and much more original than Uncharted!I think you and most of all the people on here actually haven't played the game...maybe you have but majority on here talking about it don't know jack shit cause they haven't even played it honestly.

Sure, it's not a master piece but from beginning to end I was blow away by this game multiple times, reviewers honestly didn't appreciate the level design that made you think or the characters/narrative.

I feel like today's gamers are being dumbed down and only appreciate good action with good level design but if the game doesn't have solid combat its like no one can appreciate nothing else in the game.

Every review i've seen spent so much time talking about how the combat is decent but at the same time not ground breaking but they hardly give notice to all the things it does right.

And I doubt naughty dog would have the balls to pull off what remedy has done with including a tv show in the game which actually is well made and of quality.

I think Uncharted will be a better game and a great game at that but what I said was was that quantum break is more original than uncharted in terms of what it does and that's why I think It has potential to be a great franchise. So yes, I think Quantum break has the potential to be the Uncharted for Xbox because Uncharted is a great franchise.

For a lot of Groundbreaking IP's, they usually become great with their sequel. The order had the potential to be that.