Legacy of Kain Competitive Multiplayer Spin-Off Nosgoth Canceled

Square Enix just announced that the latest project in the Legacy of Kain Franchise, Nosgoth, is now officially canceled due to low audience interest and insufficient player base.The game servers will be shut down on May 31.

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DEEBO926d ago

Should've just made the game instead of trying to cash in on the muliplayer/always online gaming.

Sad cause I'm a fan of this gaming series.

XtraTrstrL925d ago

Dang, after all the recent articles too. That was unexpected.

Aleithian925d ago

This doesn't surprise me. The series was driven by the characters and complex plot.

Their best bet would be to either reboot the series or simply start a new series of games with new characters, keeping to the aesthetic of the originals and exploring Nosgoth. Imagine a new series akin to the Witcher in scope, but set in Nosgoth. I'd be all over that.

Anthotis925d ago

There was something in the works, but they managed to screw that up as well,


MeleeDamage925d ago

I can respect that Dead Sun was being developed as a spin-off, but everything I read and watched just didn't feel like Legacy of Kain...

MWH925d ago

I hope one day the coin will land on its edge for this game.

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