Alan Wake's Two Expansions Now Free on Xbox One, Xbox 360

The two expansion packs for Remedy Entertainment's 2010 Xbox 360 thriller Alan Wake are now free. You can grab The Signal and The Writer on Xbox Live right now at no cost.

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Bahamut1079d ago Show
spicelicka1079d ago

These are standalone right? We don't need Alan wake for them?

Septic1079d ago

Yeah I wonder if this is the case too. If so, that's amazing.

spicelicka1079d ago

I think they do require Alan wake. On the Xbox site it says "This add-on works with Alan wake".

American nightmare is the only one that's independent.

TheCommentator1078d ago

You are correct, Spicelicka, both free episodes are add ons to Alan Wake. American Nightmare is the only stand alone. Interesting thing I noticed while looking the content up though... There's a 6 episode, live action prequel called Bright Falls on the marketplace I didn't know they made. I'm thinking about ckecking it out but I want to read into it a bit more.

crazychris41241079d ago

Just picked up Alan Wake yesterday, I have perfect timing

ghostface91079d ago

Cool does anyone know when they will send codes out for those who preordered quantum break I still havent got mine and want to play american nightmare after I am done with it. Quantum break has been great so far

illtownNJONE1079d ago

american nightmare took 2weeks after I preorderd QB and Alan Wake is 7-10 days after release of QB

EazyC1079d ago

Did that game do well? I remember playing it at a friends and being so surprised that it doesn't have more recognition.