Suspended By Kickstarter : Investigating Every Suspended Kickstarter Video Game Campaign

Josh Griffiths writes: "When a campaign is suspended its funding is permanently halted. If we take the word of those who have had their project suspended, Kickstarter gives little to no warning that your campaign is at risk. They don’t tell creators why their campaigns were suspended, nor do they communicate with them after the fact. In the most extreme cases like Plane Simulator 2001 and Should I Bother With this Game, the titles give you a good idea on why Kickstarter took action. But with Kickstarters like Flat Kingdom and Chumba World, it’s a lot less apparent."

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garyanderson2023d ago

Damn, that's a super long article. Lots of shady campaigns in there.

tanukisuit2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I was wondering when someone would write an article like this, what with all the shady campaigns that have failed recently. Going to be a good read.