Tomb Raider's Second Era Is Totally Underrated

In many ways Legend, Anniversary and Underworld are among the series’ best, straddling a divide between dated originals and divisive reboots.

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OoglyBoogly922d ago

Definitely agree. I've always enjoyed them and I never quite understood why others didn't.

starchild922d ago

Those are good games, but I love the reboots. They're some of my favorite games. I was just playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on my PC just a few minutes ago, in fact. Fantastic game with incredible graphics. It just absorbs me.

jb227922d ago

Yeah the first reboot at least is on an entirely different level from those...can't wait to play Rise & Im hoping for some new content to drive PS4 game sales...a nice new meaty dlc to coincide with its launch certainly wouldn't hurt

poppinslops922d ago

Yeah, that's not gonna happen... Square Enix aren't renowned for their generousity (charging money for Episode Duscae, Hitman/Tomb Raider's absurd release schedules, Deus Ex's 'augmented' preorders, etc) and I just don't see 'em taking people off 'TR3' to make 'apology' dlc.

Best you'll get in a 'definitive edition', with the Season-pass' content... that said, I wouldn't hold my breath.

jb227922d ago


That makes sense, but that said if that's the case I'll wait for a cheap used copy or just rent it. The principle of the entire ordeal kinda keeps me from supporting the game as I typically would. Bottom line is if they created a meaty new portion I'm all in for a full price retail copy. Anything less & Ive already waited an entire year, what's 3-4 more months at that point?

It would be really dumb of them if they don't do something though because I'm not alone on my reasoning...unless they are willing to lose the lion's share of their fanbase, they need to do something special or just say sayonara to the series entirely. Judging by the numbers, the MS & PC community ain't gonna be enough to keep them afloat indefinitely.

poppinslops922d ago

Eventually they're gonna reveal the next game in the series... People are gonna want to play it, but first they're gonna want to play RotTR and the reboot.

The games are too good to be derailed by shoddy business practices, and whilst you're not alone (or unjustified)in your reasoning, you and your holdout buddies will represent a minority... it'll still outsell the PC/Xbox versions.

SoulMikeY922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

Poppinslops, Don't be intentionally stupid. You may have paid money for episode duscae, (if so, sorry but you're an idiot) but we paid for type-0 hd, and got episode duscae free. I bet you found a way to pay for the platinum demo too. Lol.

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poppinslops922d ago

Underworld's story is a convoluted mess... there's a bit where Lara's using Thor's Hammer to fight some winged dragon lady on the deck of a modern freighter - I still have no idea who that 'woman' was, or why she hated Lara.

I do know that sales for the series were declining, and that it was the Reboot saved Tomb Raider as a franchise... I 've no-doubt that CD are already working on 'Fall of the Tomb Raider' (or whatever they end-up calling the next one) and that it'll be every bit as great as the first two.

mike32UK922d ago

Clearly not a tomb raider fan then ey? That winged woman was Natla, the main villain from the very first Tomb Raider game.

poppinslops922d ago

and Underworld never explains that - it just assumes I've played a decade's worth of other Tomb Raider games... Rebooting the series was one of the best decisions Crystal Dynamics ever made.

mike32UK922d ago

Thats actually why they released TR:Anniversary (TR1 Remake) shortly before the release of Underworld

poppinslops922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

So Underworld just ignores TR2 and everything else? Sounds like an even more confusing version of what happened with the Spiderman movies... I stand by my 'convoluted mess' statement.

mike32UK922d ago

Tomb raider 2 had a completely unrelated story to Tomb Raider 1. Story-wise, Tomb Raider: Underworld was a continuation of Tomb Raider Legend (Lara trying to find her mother) with elements of the story from TR1 added in. Why are you trying to come out on top here when you clearly haven't played all of the TR games? Swallow some dignity and get over it

poppinslops922d ago

I'm hardly the only person that feels this way - there's a reason Underworld was the last game before the series went dark for all those years... and the reboot IS the best-selling game in the entire franchise.

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brando008922d ago

I've had the Tomb Raider HD trilogy on my backlog for a while now. Only got to play Legend and a touch of Anniversary back in the day, so it'll be nice to revisit these games. It also makes the wait for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 more exciting :)