What Naughty Dog Should Do Next

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "In case you missed it or have been living under a rock this past year, you may have heard that Naughty will soon be laying Uncharted to rest. The developer has reiterated, time and time again, that this year’s release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be the last for Nathan Drake and his adventures. While I optimistically hold some hope that these might be might be horrid lies, it is probably a wise decision for them to end his adventures on a high note, rather than run the risk of franchise fatigue."

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c00lvilKid69976d ago

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be the last Uncharted? I highly doubt it. I know they've said this time and time again, but developers can never resist a cash cow. Give it a couple of poorly received games, and they'll soon be back again, resting on the laurels of a tried and tested formula. I won't be surprised if it's a marketing gimmick to say it's the last Uncharted.

jay2976d ago

It's ND's last, they've already said they'd hand it over to another studio like the vita port.

solideagle976d ago

vacation, they deserve it :)

ninsigma976d ago

ND always move on to new IPs. Doing a 4th game is quite unusual for them.

Bathyj976d ago

Naughty Dog don't do poorly received games.

Plus they already walked away from successful franchises like Crash and Jak and Daxter. Your opinion is clouded by your cynicism.

OB1Biker976d ago

' developers can never resist a cash cow'
You mean publishers because ND are done with Drake thats for sure.

miyamoto976d ago

Unkarted Team Combat Racing

Picnic976d ago

I don't know why the idea of Unkarted never gets much praise. I'd love to race in multiplayer against other jeeps, race on jetskis. It'd be nice if some Last of Us locations could be used as bonuses too. It's not War and Peace- I hope Naughty Dog aren't too precious about the idea. And now that Evolution Studios are looking for work, it'd be something their ex staff could help with if they sign up any of them.

BosSSyndrome976d ago

Poorly received games? Haha yeah ND doesnt make those, man.

Kryptix976d ago

Everything Naughty Dog touches is gold.

No way they're making poorly received games... not with their track record.

And I would love them to always keep the industry fresh. Bring in a sci fi or fantasy styled game with amazing everything. They are capable of raising standards.

assdan976d ago

The main problem with your idea is that you said naughty dog will have games that do poorly.

jb227976d ago

"Give it a couple of poorly received games and they'll soon be back again"

If that's what it'll take for a new Uncharted game, we will never see one. Can't see ND putting out a single 'poorly received game', much less a couple.

Either way it's Sony's ip so they can do whatever they want w/ it, but if ND says its their last one, that'll remain the case at least for a couple generations.

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Septic976d ago

Naughty Dog should focus on new IP's. They shouldn't be restricted to the same one's as they clearly are a talented bunch.

I want to see them try their hand at making an open world game. UC4 deviates a little by making their game a little less linear but ND, with their attention to detail could make a great open world title methinks.

fdkenzo976d ago

I would like a game, a TPS like Uncharted, but in space, with a great story, that make you explore new worlds, that would be great.

Septic976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

Uncharted Effect confirmed. Or Mass Uncharted.

Bathyj976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

Naughty Dog like great stories, tight pacing, impactful emotion and fantastic characters. I hope they stay well away from open world, full of padding, grinding and fetch quests.

Septic976d ago

Open world games don't necessarily have to be full of padding and grinding, although I agree that the practice is quite common.

I just think they need to venture out of linear story based games and take on more challenges.

stupidusername976d ago

If Naughty Dog made a open world game it might set a new standard for those type of games. I think Zelda a link between worlds is a brilliant example of how a open world could be without following the treaded path that developers follow.

If ND is behind it, it won't be boring.

uth11976d ago

Or at least more open and less linear than Uncharted-style games are

oakshin976d ago

It would take them 10 years to make a open world game they r too OCD lol

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976d ago
jay2976d ago

we need new games! come on ND new IP time.

demonddel976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

The Last Of Us 2

Yukes976d ago

As much as I loved The Last of Us, I think a sequel would lose something. It was near perfect just as it was - the narrative, the world-building, everything.

Maple22976d ago

I agree, I just don't know where they would go with it. There was lot's left unanswered but that is what made it so great!

ninsigma976d ago

I'm with you there. Usually I just want more of something I've enjoyed but tlou was so perfectly done that I feel a sequal isn't necessary having said that I will damn straight be buy tlou 2 day one xD

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