Top Ten Most Underrated Final Fantasy Games

Phil writes, "With a new demo of Final Fantasy XV fresh in gamers' minds, I felt the desire to take a look back at the series. While counting down my favorite Final Fantasy games would take us all down already traveled roads, I figured that talking about the lesser appreciated games in the series would be a more worthwhile prospect. That's exactly what I've done with this top ten, one that delves into the Final Fantasy franchise's most underrated entries, whether mainline or spinoff."

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Alexious1258d ago

I vote for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

rjason121258d ago

I wish they would make a proper sequel to that, would work great on the Wii u.

Phil321258d ago

The DS's Ring of Fates and Echoes of Time are really fun. Online doesn't work anymore on the latter, but I enjoyed both's single player modes.