EA - Mirror's Edge will not be a Timed Exclusive for PS3

ButtonMasher writes - A German Tech sitehas quoted David Reeves from Leipzig as having stated that Mirror's Edge would be a timed exclusive for the PS3, this came out of the blue for many people looking forward to the game and especially the Xbox 360/PC owners.

EA however have declined this statement by the SCEE President with the following statement.

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HighDefinition4616d ago (Edited 4616d ago )

I could have seen it happening. But EA is EA.

Move along.

Bombibomb4616d ago

I don't understand the people that fell for it in the first place. It was a forum post.

morganfell4616d ago

No they didn't clear it up. That site gives no indication when the remarks were made by EA. You do realize that wording from EA was also in statements made months before this issue? It sounds like they just used one of those.

I'll consider the matter closed when I see an official statement from EA that is directly in response to this entire matter. If you look at that nz gamer article it actually makes those two situations seem unrelated.

Bnet3434616d ago

They fell for it even when the article clearly said Rumor on the top. Hilarious. Fanboys are funny at times, annoying at others.

badz1494616d ago

actually believed in this rumor? I was thinking that it was a funny rumor made for fun but if anybody actually believe it, that's just silly!

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10YearFlop4616d ago

probably received suicide threats from xbots and decided it would be best to keep them around until they witness the xbox 360s ultimate demise which isnt too far away

Arsenic134616d ago (Edited 4616d ago )

Do you have nothing better to do? At least spend the whole day on your console and not trolling a website. Dude, you need a reality check, get a life. Your whole existence is about mocking a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE. How pathetic can you get?
Your going to die alone if you continue this obsession for an electronic.

TheMART4616d ago

The saddest part is that trolls like that are bubbled up by the SDF/SPG

Is it you Nasim?

CAPT IRISH4616d ago

good, I wanted to play it this year

TOSgamer4616d ago

I really don't know how he keeps his job.

PirateThom4616d ago

I often question this, and I can only come to the conclusion he has some dirt on someone high up in Sony's board of directors.

mfwahwah4616d ago

Maybe everyone plays a joke on him.

"Hey, Let's tell Reeves that ME is PS3 timed exclusive!"

"HAHA He'll totally fall for that!"


Hey, it could happen...

KingKirchner4616d ago

ya, he opens his mouth a lot, but he probably keeps his job because he's somehow enabled PS3 to surpass total 360 sales in Europe after showing up over a year later.

10YearFlop4616d ago

i hope xbots realize that it is a sony exec who allowed for this game to be multi-platform,sony are kind and understand the xbots needs for quality software thus they gave EA the thumbs up to make a 360 version

RoidRage4616d ago

You, David Reeves, and Sony just got your little lieing a**es owned.

side note: They f**ked up by using the ps3 as the lead, now 360 owners won't be getting a game that pushes the 360's hardware.