What would Kill Mirror's Edge

This year holds many candidates for Game of the Year. EA announced Mirror's Edge developed by DICE. When the first trailer hit PLAYSTATION Store, everyone was shocked by the graphics and how Faith interacts with the world. DICE said that this game would be based on free running and would blow the world away. Unfortunately for them, there were some details announced that was not talked about - like some parts of the game would be in 3rd person. Being able to control Faith right in 1st person looks beautiful as of right now, and Tommy-Cronin wonders what it would look like in 3rd person. However, there is something that would kill Mirror's Edge and would be a huge factor in its reviews.

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DreDawgg063800d ago

Everyone throwing up would kill this game ;p

Violater3799d ago

For the rumored timed exclusivity?

Sangria3799d ago

"What would Kill Mirror's Edge"
An Assassin's Creed-like gameplay.
I want challenge, difficulty, stress, precision,... not "Press L1 + X + Up and you can go across the entire level, finger in the nose".

mfwahwah3799d ago

That's my main concern. They say it's easy to pull off all of those moves. Well, I don't want to hold L up and L1 down to get through 80% of the game. I hope I'm wrong though, because if this game ISN'T repetitive, then it looks very fun :P

tommy-cronin3799d ago

yes i agree with you sangria the controls for this game is too easy

dro3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

well its EA so if the game comes up short dont be suprised,but dont forget there are loads of short games that were huge..cod4,gears of war....e.t.c

Stallone19933799d ago

those games you've listed have a massive online portion.

TheColbertinator3799d ago

Cod4 does but Gears is just okay on the online.On the setup not the gameplay

harv0523799d ago

8 to 10 hours game is somewhat the standard now. Some of the odd game with 20 hours+ but they seem rare these days.....

f7897903799d ago

And it almost started a religion. Seriously. I believe it will once the next one comes out.

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tommy-cronin3799d ago

and the online is gonna be crap because EA servers ar crap