8 Things Gamers Lie About While Playing Videogames

Gamers are no saints and are guilty of lying as much as any other community.

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FlexLuger2243d ago

Yeah but....I CAN beat anyone...and if I did put in the time and effort I would dominate FPS, fighting and racing games on MLG and ESL...

3-4-52243d ago

Shouldn't the title be "Some Gamers" and not all ?

KevWriter2243d ago

"I hit the button and nothing happened. This is bullsh*t" (referencing DS PVP).

N4Geeing2243d ago

Good list!! And very true.

Imortus_san2243d ago

Most people blame the controller.

Yui_Suzumiya2243d ago

But, but, but it was lag from the connection :(

kaizokuspy2243d ago

That actually happens quite a bit in RL when playing with someone with a crappy ping. Sometimes it looks like they hit the ball, it twitches, then continues regular course as if they didn't even come near it. Frustrating when you are timing your hits and stuff on defense or offense. Other than that game, I generally don't blame anything but my own skill. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.