Dark Souls III’s PS4 File Size is Surprisingly Small

Under 18GB for Dark Souls III on PS4.

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FasterThanFTL11050d ago

Since when did 18 Gb become small.

Intentions1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Its the smallest size current gen game i believe. (or one of the smallest)

And for those who are wondering, dark souls 3 is also under 18 gb for the xbox one.

Rimeskeem1049d ago

every cod now is like 45-50 gb

assdan1049d ago

This always happens dude. Graphics get better over time, which means that file sizes get larger. 18 gb is not a big game anymore.

Kyosuke_Sanada1049d ago

You want your mind blown, check the size of Vagrant Story for PSONE. How could something so huge and visually impressive end up such a small size? Maybe god-tier optimization.

fenome1049d ago

The file size for the Darksiders games always surprised me, I don't know how they crammed all that content in such small downloads.

DivineAssault 1049d ago

Good.. Im sick of these huge file sizes.. Game files can be compressed but it seems like a rarity

GrimDragon1049d ago

I think file sizes are very misleading as to what constitutes one games file sizes to be larger than others. From what I can see it seems to be determined by the software used to make a game the engines needs in order to render a game along the space needed to allow the game to run on a particular console or PC. Size is not exactly an indicator of how big a game is Perse but rather an indicator of various code written to encompass everything that makes up the game.

For if you look at the sizes of retro games like ps1/2 and old snes Genesis games you will find plenty of huge games designed around those systems who's sizes in at just a few Megs.
Same with wii games I could fit a game like fatal frame in a 16 gb flash drive and still have room for plenty of other games. Look at your vita I have a 16gb card holding games like 3rd birthday and lots of other games. It's the same with why one game might run chug free and another smaller game just has constant frame rate issues. It's all about programming an engine that works good and takes up minimal space. The balance between the two has been a problem for yrs for many devs and their games. So when you get a huge game that runs smooth and takes up very little memory that's a testament to the devs skill.

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