Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison

"Head-to-head footage and performance testing as Tom takes an extended look at Square's recently released demo for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One."

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Playable_Gamez1054d ago

Foxtrot incoming 3...2...1...

Eiyuuou1054d ago

Ha! You thought it was Foxtrot! But it was me, Eiyuuou!


I'll let myself out now.

MeteorPanda1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

l am sad no one is talking about the animation and scripting...carbuncle when you go into the house has a good performance, when he walks around glancing, asking you where things know exactly the kind of hesitation he's experiencing yet still trying to be brave for the kid. that to me is worth more then any resolution or jaggedness ppl are bitching about

galmi1054d ago

I hope japanese voice over is an option

Yi-Long1054d ago

As far as I understand, from reading up on it a bit today, the game -should- ship with Japanese voices included on the disc. Hopefully they will stick with that intention.

DragonDDark1054d ago

I chose Japanese before playing.

WickedLester1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

I played it both ways. Honestly, I didn't find the English voice overs all that bad and I was expecting them to be.

DragonDDark1053d ago

Hmm.. weird. You from US or Europe?

NightKing1053d ago

The demo has Japanese voice over. I believe they confirmed that the full game will too.

Darkwatchman1054d ago

A year since the duscae demo and a change in resolution on both systems and the framerate still sucks? Square Enix needs to get rid of that stupid post processing that blurs the image so heavily. It makes the game look so much worse than it should. Ridiculous.

Kurisu1054d ago

I thought the frame rate was fine.

Darkwatchman1054d ago


No. The duscae demo also was not pleasant to play because of the frame pacing issue and now this has frame pacing issues still on top of what seems to be more dramatic framerate drops. I couldn't finish the duscae demo because of the performance. This is no better. I don't know how you could think it's fine.

Darkwatchman1054d ago

Hell, even just WATCHING this video, I can notice frame pacing issues and framerate drops just with my eyes. It is not fine at all.

Kurisu1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

The first Episode Duscae demo had a bad frame rate. I noticed a an improvement after it was updated, but it was still a bit dodgy. Platinum seems to have got it sorted. I think you're just nitpicking now :)

Darkwatchman1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

....15 fps drop during a boss fight and fairly regular dips below 30fps is nitpicking? Really?

namEuser1053d ago

Another terrible performing game this gen....not surprising to me, terrible.

343_Guilty_Spark1053d ago

It looks like a last gen game which would make sense given that it's taken 10 years to even get to this point.

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