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Darkworldgaming final verdict: Remedy Games has often been described as Microsofts version of what Naughty Dog is to Sony. A tough act. Quantum Break originally was shown over 2 years ago as a trailer for the Xbox One launch (May 2013). Remedy has delivered a truly unique experience in merging 2 media types with gaming and TV and surprisingly done a fantastic job with it, It shouldn’t have worked, but it has. The time manipulation abilities are good and certainly impressive, with the effect of stutters leaving everyone frozen the first time will have you walking around looking at the frozen environment in awe. The environments are beautiful, I’m a massive fan of sunbursts and how they are implemented – The Last of Us done this well, this game is up alongside it, the time lapse areas look stunning, when you see this for the first time you will be trying to get the closest person to come and check it out.

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lodossrage1050d ago

"Remedy Games has often been described as Microsofts version of what Naughty Dog is to Sony"

Ok, I can't speak for anyone else, but I damn sure don't remember Remedy often being seen as Microsoft's version of Naughty Dog.

Not to mention before we even make such a comparison, Remedy would have to be owned by MS.

MasterCornholio1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Remedy still has to do better to be on the same level as Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games.

Quantum Break is still a good game though.

VaultBoy9991050d ago

I'm guessing in the sense that Alan Wake and Quantum Break have both been Xbox Only? Either way I understand the comparison although Naughty Dog has the upper hand in the comparison.

DigitalRaptor1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

"Remedy Games has often been described as Microsofts version of what Naughty Dog is to Sony"

A LITE version? Remedy's body of work over the 20 years that they've been shipping games doesn't compare to even half of Naughty Dog's output in the same time frame. They've shipped 4 full games in the same time as ND has shipped almost 10 full games to greater acclaim, so they're also more efficient. As much as Max Payne and its sequel are two of my favourite games of all time, Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games are of emperor status in the VG developer world. You don't see Naughty Dog visiting Remedy studio for inspiration, but the other way round is a must. Remedy doesn't have the technical or artistic chops to compete with them, so I don't see where this author is coming from.

"this game feels a little lethargic in its movement"

Yeah I noticed that in previews and the final game looks no different.
This is 2016, how can animations and movement be so poor?

VaultBoy9991049d ago

From what I saw when they were live streaming it, the game looks half decent. The movement did look a little clunky, considering recent releases you'd think they would want to address that early on. But then it may increase screen tearing and from DFs latest video that appears to be an issue already even at 720p / 30 fps

Although I'm waiting for the PC version. I don't own an Xbox. It's actually more dissapointing that nothing has been mentioned on the PC version other then a code will be sent after launch - Which sucks.