CoD: WaW Perk and Weapon List

A list of Rumored Perks and Weapons for Call of Duty: World at War.

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crematory3706d ago

they add new perks (i like monkey name),lol

felidae3706d ago


yeah, a Monkey perk ;-)

can't wait - this game looks really nice.

TheColbertinator3706d ago

Monkey sounds cool.Maybe I will get this game for Wii since I have'nt bought anything for it in awhile

VMAN_013706d ago

WTF 3/4 are the same as COD 4.

Close_Second3706d ago

I see no problem with using them in COD: WaW. I'm more concerned if whether or not this game will find a foothold in what is already an over crowded WWII marketplace. Being based on the COD4 engine is a start but I have seen nothing that makes me go wow, I must play this game. Certainly nothing like when I first started seeing the footage for COD4.

psycho3603706d ago

LOL and you think treyarch are innovators like Infinity ward? Prob the other 1/4 th are from IW's list only which they dint put in COD4.

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The story is too old to be commented.