Quantum Break - Easy Allies Review

High stakes narrative and engrossing combat propel Quantum Break to greatness.

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Spurg1055d ago

Easy allies are the people from gametrailers...this is their first review.

Genuine-User1055d ago

Subscribed. Good to hear Brandon Jones again.

starchild1055d ago

Yeah, that's cool. I generally enjoyed gametrailers reviews.

spicelicka1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Gametrailers reviews were always my favourite! This guy's voice is so made for this.

Rookie_Monster1055d ago

Wow, loved Gametrailers as they are as good and fair there was in the business; thus, this review has weight behind it.

Another great score for an awesome game.

SuicideKing1055d ago

Yeah I recognized the voice right away. Glad they are still doing reviews.

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Nivekki1055d ago

I always thought Gametrailers were a paid off website, but thanks to the users above me I know that's not true.

Thank you N4G.

starchild1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Ok, let's hear your evidence, smart guy.

Gametrailers' reviews tended to line up with my own opinions of games more often than not. Reviews are just opinions. The main value of them is in finding reviewers that tend to share your opinions on games.

Clearly you didn't share the same opinions with gametrailers as many of us did, but what evidence do you have that their reviews were bought?

SuicideKing1055d ago

This has been getting low reviews as well. I have it pre-loaded if you buy the digital xbobx version you get the windows version free.

Let's see how "hot" this article with a higher review gets...