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"Quantum Break might not be the grand fusion of TV and video gaming that Microsoft had originally hoped for, but at the end of the day Remedy can still hold their heads high. A tight and intriguing story, fantastic visuals and some of the most stylish action scenes you’re likely to see this year leave Quantum Break as a must-play for Xbox One and PC gamers"

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dreadz742032d ago

"DAMN Quantum Break back @ it again with another 9"

BlackTar1872032d ago

i didn't expect to see such a swing in reviews for this game. In remedy i trust but im a little concerned why there is such a drastic swing.

dreadz742032d ago

Haters and some people just don't like sci-fi games.

Cy2032d ago

The TV show seems to be the major sticking point. If you like narrative and story based games and don't mind the gameplay taking a backseat to the story then you'll probably like this, if you don't really care about story and would rather just play a shooter, than you probably won't like it. That's basically what I'm getting from the reviews I've read.

4Sh0w2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Well the criticisms from lower reviews besides the TV show aspect seem to be typical of any game, so I'm sure how much YOU or I will like it depends how much things like old school gameplay mechanics without some sort of deeper progression system bother you. Personally it doesn't doesn't bother me much if it's well crafted.

lastking952032d ago

5th can't get here fast enough. Can't wait to play.

2032d ago