1UP: Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Preview

1UP writes: "While I've always been intrigued by the level of depth in the Gothic titles, a long-running series of hardcore role-playing games, I've always ended up being put off by their various bugs and questionable game design. Despite some clear progression in storytelling and graphics, Gothic 3 was perhaps the worst offender yet, requiring numerous patches from the community before it was as playable as it should have been upon release. But after that whole mess, something surprising happened: Publisher JoWood announced that Piranha Bytes would not develop the next Gothic game (now renamed Arcania: A Gothic Tale). And as for this expansion, which bridges Gothic 3 to the new game? It turns out that Trine Game Studios, a developer based out of Mumbai, India, is handling the expansion -- a surprising twist for a series that's always been created by developers in Germany and Austria."

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