Everybody's Gone To The Rapture confirmed for PC


Everybody's Gone To The Rapture has at last been confirmed for PC after a long stint on PS4. We suspected it was on its way: the first hint was Rapture's appearance in a SteamDB listing—an entry that was updated as time wore on. All but confirming things, a recent AMD Radeon driver update listed Rapture support. Now we have the news direct from The Chinese Room: everybody's coming to the PC.

What we don't have is a release date, but if AMD is tailoring drivers to Rapture, it can't be far off. To prove that this isn't April Fools' lies, we hit up creative director Dan Pinchbeck for the story behind the transition, accompanied by delightful 4K screens from the PC build.

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ZaWarudo933d ago

I thought this was already on PC.

mafia_pc933d ago

Nice to see Sony supporting some games to Steam, early steam leak suggest Journey could come to steam as well.

SniperControl933d ago

WoW, Journey on Steam would be awesome, i already own the PS3 and PS4 versions of it, why not the PC version as well.

As for EGttR, it's a brilliant game, one of my fave games of 2015.

Kayant933d ago

It's not really Sony "Supporting" more that the devs wanted to always bring it to PC and they made Sony aware from the beginning so obviously they signed something that allowed them to do that. Situation is similar to games that are funded by Pubfund.

Also the Journey thing is something else iirc.