Crave Online: Tiger Woods 09 Demo Impressions

Crave Online writes: "I actually had a chance to sit down and play the Tiger Woods 09 demo that hit the Xbox Live Marketplace over the course of this past weekend. Nothing really struck me as "worthwhile" until about half way through the demo. That, and I'll get to the "that" of which I am referring in a bit, is what drove me to plop down next to my computer and type something up. Here come some impressions.

Tiger Woods 09 is a Tiger Woods game, plain and simple. The franchise hasn't really seen any major changes in a few years and, like some may have already assumed, is starting to fall into a relatively obvious pattern of rehashing and tweaking. This demo sports Hank Haney, Tiger's coach, 3 holes of a new course, custom drills and a club tuner."

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