Peter Moore says Tiger Woods Scandal hasn't Affected Sales

Following Tiger Woods's media-saturating infidelity scandal, a lot of the golfer's sponsors ended their relationship with him -- but not EA Sports. They made a very public decision to stick with the athlete who's been the cover star of their golf game franchise since 1999, and in an interview with CNBC, president Peter Moore says they haven't seen any affect to sales as a result.

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Rob Hornecker3847d ago

I think i'll pass the TW/PGA '11 up this year. It seems like its the S.O.S.,now bring back the Tiger vision and I may reconsider!

Perhaps EA should go like the Madden route and choose a different golfer to be on the cover each year. I'm up to here ( hand way over head ) with Tiger and his adventures! I never was a big fan of his anyway.

euchreprof3847d ago

after a few hours of gameplay cuz it couldn;t handle the modern graphics, but I have it on the PS3 and it never gave me a problem.