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Quantum Break is a game truly greater than the sum of its parts. Broken apart, it’s a good time travel story, with a good gameplay loop, with a decent TV show thrown in to boot. Combined, however, it’s a well-acted, well told, completely unique story which could very well carve out its own genre in the future.

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Septic1054d ago

Such a mixed bag. Well, its not as bad as The Order so there's that. But lpw 80's on meta seems legit now.

BlakHavoc1054d ago

I really thinks it's going to depend on how blown away you are by its cinematics to determine how much you like it. Seems that the delivery of the story and the convincing acting is what a lot of reviewers love about this game, some complaints about gameplay and that it gets boring after a while. Mixed reviews so far, a lot of sites I've trusted in the past have given it an 8 so I think im good to go come Tuesday!

WilliamSheridan1054d ago

The more popular, well known, reputable sites are giving good scores...

DARKKENT1054d ago

Like giant bomb and gamespot?

WilliamSheridan1054d ago

Gamespot hasn't been reputable in years. They basically admired to selling scores, or did we forget that? Giant bomb? Meh. IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, and countless others are saying it's incredible, and is almost a spectacle to behold....

1053d ago