How to Get a Gamer Girl 101

GotGame writes:

"Boys, sit back, grab a beer and listen up, because this is your introduction on how to get a gamer girl. And yes, we do exist. We're definitely not as small of a minority as we used to be, but we're still tough to impress. So if you've got a certain chica in mind, be sure to keep these pointers in mind."

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Stryfeno13708d ago

I never met a hot girl that played games.

danarc3708d ago

I met a fat girl that played them.

I never spoke to her again.

10YearFlop3708d ago

you bought an xbox didnt you

kamakazi3708d ago

funny how fast these "How to get girls" articles get approvals.

eagles19903708d ago

What's so apealing about a girl who happens to play video games?

adalwolfe3708d ago

lol, i just know my ex is going to be emailing me this article any minute now.. :P

JsonHenry3708d ago

Make enough money and the chick will pretend to be interested in a hot wet turd if you want her to!

Prototype3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

For the record...
Gamer girls STILL do not exist, and the whole 2% that do are either bisexual or lesbian (which I have a cam to record)

Seriously I hate how they try to say "Oh we exist" when playing DDR, Guitar Hero (or Rock Band), or even WoW automatically puts them in a gamer category.

_Q_3707d ago

Yeah have no idea what your talking about. My girlfriend is a gamer. Not bi (I wish so though =P) or lesbian. She plays CS,Starcraft and COD4 regularly. Besides youre no one to assume that all girls play the games you listed above. Try knowing what your talking about before you open your mouth. Sorry for the attack but you made a pretty groundless claim

Prototype3707d ago

You have to realize there's a difference between playing games and actually being a gamer. Its the same concept as cars - you have someone who knows what they are talking about and someone who just drives what they like. Its the same as "gamer girls." They play games; I have yet to actually meet a "straight" gamer girl who knows their stuff and not just "play games."

And I still stand by they don't exist.

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Raoh3708d ago

i've met a few girls that played games in my day, mainly around the way growing up. they were mainly tekken and street fighter fans. a few were into racing games very very few if any into sports games (although they enjoyed watching other people play sports games)

slightly tomboyish in the sense that they didnt wear skirts and heels everyday and didnt mind play fighting with their boyfriends.. but very pretty

werent many fat girls when i was growing up, thats really a new thing for there to be so many lately..

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