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Time travel is one of the biggest tropes in all of science fiction; countless movies, comics, shows and novels are based around the subject. But gaming’s left time travel alone for the most part; you’d be hard pressed to find many games about the topic, let alone good games. Luckily, the upcoming Microsoft exclusive Quantum Break is set to fix that.

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PistolsAtDawn1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I love that the VAST MAJORITY of reviews for this game are overwhelmingly positive...the things like DF saying the game was a Technical Marvel (or something to that effect). However, reviews themselves are just reviews...what's actually convincing me more that the game is amazing is the massive effort we are seeing trying to downplay the game by those that don't WANT it to do well. Those people that keep latching onto the lowest review scores they can find saying "see I knew the game was mediocre at best" ...the more those kinds of people struggle to downplay this title, the more I want to play it on Tuesday...and I already DIGITALLY pre-ordered it.

I'll side with the majority that say the game is excellent for now...and being how much I liked Max Payne and Alan Wake...then hearing how the gameplay for this game is even better...I'm sure I'll love it.

It's truly a shame that it seems this Gen, more than any gen before in my 30+ years of gaming, people go out of their way to downplay stuff that is on the "wrong" console. In the past that existed, but it seemed before the internet being so big people just played what they liked and ignored what they didn't like.

jagermaster6191843d ago

I agree, I have this pre-ordered and ready to rock. I also love all remedys games can't wait to give this a shot.