Slain: A Case Study for Why Testing Is So Damned Important

What makes Slain stand out is how Wolf Brew Games lost out on an opportunity to create a cult classic in the same vein as Stardew Valley - except for metalheads. The team behind Slain opted instead to rush out a half-baked product that is full of full of pain and regret – losing out on the launch hype that could have pulled curious gamers to try out Slain.

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Lionalliance1050d ago

I really wanted this game to be good, all the ingredients were there but nope :c

Castlevania1050d ago

I feel the same; the art was amazing, the soundtrack seemed badass... man, this is disappointing. I know the devs are working on fixing the issues, but this game could have been stellar on launch. I hope this doesn't affect sales later down the road if they do end up fixing everything.