CeX Review- Quantum Break

Martin Bargo writes- Out on Xbox One on April 5th, Quantum Break by Remedy is a game that is so good at each individual aspect that when it changes it, it leaves you wanting more of the same. Imagine you’re sitting there playing the hottest new release and the gameplay has reached its climax. They’ve found your location and have swarmed on you. You’re surrounded. Utilising your unique abilities, you slow time around them, create ripples and domes.

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NukaCola2000d ago

Is the embargo lifted yet?

SuberMedic2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I believe the embargo is lifted April 1'st.

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showtimefolks2000d ago

i don't personally this game will get very many high praises. from what i saw of it, it could go really bad or really good

i am getting the order 1886 vibe from this so i am expecting 7.5 to 8 max

SirBradders2000d ago

That's the thing the order got critised for its story play focus and longetivity. I think reviewers need to factor in what game remedy are portraying and not knock it for things they already know ain't part of its design.

showtimefolks1999d ago


but than won't that be changing the finish line for each game? i wish man journalists would do that

most of them go into reviews with their mindsets and what they want out of the game, instead of what the developer's vision is

i agree with you 10000000%

each game should be reviewed with an open mind. play what the developer created not what the reviewer wants in the game

i see it with reviews all the time. when a reviewer says i wish this game had such such feature or mode

littlezizu2000d ago

From previews i feel its Between 8 to 9 score. Hopefully this is just one off review score.

G20WLY2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Sounds like the issue is with the fact it is a cinematic game, like The Order: 1886 was. It can be frustrating to take a few steps after a cut scene only to be interrupted again by another cut scene - or in this case sometimes a live action full TV episode.

Even if interaction is lower than people would generally like, the story seems good and that's sometimes all that's needed for a great experience.

Not every game has to be open world. I quite enjoy linear games for a change sometimes. I just don't understand why developers seem to find it so hard to strike a happy medium.

WelkinCole2000d ago

If its like the order then I know I am going to have a blast with it.

I like sp focused games.

Erik73572000d ago

Damn the hate is real for this game, 16 disagrees and only one review is out saying its bad which may I remind everyone every game that is even remotely hyped gets a review like this usually.

Grap2000d ago

the disagrees cause the game will be between 9 to 10 score not 8 to 9 score.

Aloy-Boyfriend2000d ago

The review it yourself @Grap

TheSaint1999d ago

Lol, from previews so did Watch Dogs.

Gazondaily2000d ago

"Nobody does experiments like Remedy and Quantum Break was their biggest risk yet and there just isn't as enough game here to call it a masterpiece and the fact that it is a game is disappointing. Still, every moment is awesome."

What does this even mean? Can you clarify CEX?

ninsigma2000d ago

My head spun trying to make sense of that.

ginsunuva2000d ago

But if the final score was 5/5 your head would have been suspiciously okay.

ninsigma2000d ago

What has the score got to do with the paragraph quoted above?? It's the exact same whether the score was 1 or 10. Get a grip.

Deadpooled2000d ago

CeX's attempt to downplay QB to force gamers to play it for a few days and trade in with them, so that they can resell the masterpiece for exorbitant prices ala gamestop.

MasterCornholio2000d ago

Maybe while short its an awesome game.

If it was a little bit longer it would get a higher score from the publication.

That's my understanding of the review.

Kind of like Vanquish short but oh so sweet.


Nah...then they would have just said the game dragged along, we got tired of using the same powers and the same guns, Remedy should have took some time off of the game to make it short and sweet.

Seems like a lot of these sites are over critical of MS games or popular games in general. The whole hipster attitude is played out.

Kingthrash3602000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

People destroy the order,ryse,battlefront, Sfv and many more for being short on content...qb shouldn't get a pass for it. If it's short (something I predicted because of the 22 minutes of live cutscenes per episode ) then it should be scored accordingly.
They do not over criticize ms games bro...they over criticize all games...but being short is being short....the out rage the order has was super criticism. ...look at qb and it's ai...nobody judging qb for its bad ai...or qte or no mp like they did the order. It even got hit for not being native 1080p, qb is 720p and it's no biggie...
Imma still buy qb because I don't listen to reviews for any game and I bought my xbox for qb, but ms always gets things brushed under the rug..

AngelicIceDiamond2000d ago

@King MS absolutely does not get things brushed under the rug. People FREAK over the littlest things MS does. Remedy adressed the AI.

I haven't seen any QTE's besides finishers when combating enemies. Its not QTE heavy like The Order not even close. There's a vid of RAD explaining the QTE's. I'm fine with QTE's that's what made me fall in love Shenmue originally.

I partially agree with no MP outrage because I do remember fans were the ones as well as media at first making a big deal out of it. But accepted the fact afterwards its a single player game...almost like they forgot what those are. The Order didn't get knocked for lack of MP mode to my understanding.

They explained The 720p

"Quantum Break’s 1080p output is a temporal reconstruction from four previous 720p 4xMSAA frames. This approach gets us high pixel quality in combination with complex shading and effects, allowing us to achieve a cinematic look. However, varying sample counts between passes and temporal upscaling makes talking about resolution, as it is traditionally understood, complicated in the case of Quantum Break."

More in game Shading and effects. I believe several months back Remedy said they were doing more optimizing for the game so this makes since.

The Order is justified just as QB is.

kraenk122000d ago

I kinda understand it in a way I also had my gripes with it when watching those act 1 and 2 previews. When they stopped the gameplay for 20 minutes of live action scenes I thought 'I would have preferred to play along'.

CYCLEGAMER2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

2 things....1 the cutscenes can be skipped, 2 why would you want to skip cutscenes on a story driven game? Personally, I want to know EXACTLY what is going on, and I want every bit of my $60 worth of this game.

Huh? The cutscenes at max account for about 2 hours of the game. IMO 8 hours of gameplay is not a short game, especially a linear one, with multiple choices and variations.

kraenk122000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )


You answered it yourself. Why would I want to skip a few hours and miss the story in an already short game?!

badz1492000d ago


I don't know the length of the game as I have yet to play it but 8H gameplay for a linear game is SHORT no matter how you want to spin it! What's with the apologist attitude you're showing there? But Let's hope QB is not 8H because that would be disappointing!

Erik73572000d ago

Low score for the clicks is my guess

Kingthrash3602000d ago

That's actually not low. It look like a 5 out of 5 game to you? A low score for clicks is a 1 or 2...3 is above a average it's respectable.

NotanotherReboot2000d ago

Sounds like he's suggesting it would have been better as a Tv show or movie.

Taero2000d ago

Well I thought that The Order was an amazing game...but at 6 hours I couldn't justify it's price, it felt 1/3 the length it should have been and personally it suffered for that. Gunplay - good, graphics - best I've seen on console, voice acting - great, art style - awesome, plot - actually good. Length - rushed. This is exactly what we heard with The Order early reviews.

Gazondaily2000d ago

Except for the fact that The Order had shit gameplay. Only the visuals/audio were great.

Taero2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Mhmm again arguable, it never claimed to reinvent combat etc. I personally enjoyed it (I got $30 in trade in value) which definitely made it feel more worthwhile. I agree with you however in that it was definitely average on it's gameplay concepts.

edit: Also what? I've gone down like 3-4 bubbles in a few days?

Kingthrash3602000d ago

Welcome to the club bro...lost mine too..I was a 10 bub I get one off topic flag and lost like 4
But agreed with the order it was actually a good game....a lil on the short side but still a good game. Underrated even..but I believe it's the people who didn't play it that has the most harshest criticism about it....just like knack.

KiwiViper852000d ago

The order had no replay value either, not even collectibles that counted for anything.

From what I've heard, Quantum Break has multiple endings, even different live action scenes depending on your in game decisions. Thant has to be taken into account.

RedDevils2000d ago

Use the beta bubbles will disappear lol

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vikingland12000d ago

@ Septic
And, " Not too much live action but not enough game "????

Strange review.

Christopher2000d ago

The whole review didn't make much sense. More like someone saying "it's a game, but not a game" and "it's an experience, but not an experience". I'm like... which one is it then? Or, what is it then?

DragonDDark2000d ago

It's a game but not an experience.

It's an experience but not a game.

Choose lol

starchild2000d ago

Yeah, very strangely written review. It didn't make much sense to me either.

Saijahn2000d ago

I guess they just wanted more of everything. An awesome game just not enough of it. Is that worth docking 2 stars? Only they can answer that.

rainslacker2000d ago

Best I can make of the quote is that he felt it would be better as a TV show, or some other form of media because there just wasn't enough game play content to call it a masterpiece?

Or maybe he meant the game play itself took away from the masterfullness of what they were trying to do.

Or something.

I dunno. I hate to do a preview review of the game myself, but 6 of 10(or 3 of 5) does seem rather low based on what I've seen so far. 6 is barely above average, and that isn't in line with Remedy's output, nor the footage we've seen so far.

OoglyBoogly1999d ago

The score matches the footage. While pretty in areas the game hardly stands out as being anything new or special. Based on game play alone a 6/10 seems somewhat appropriate.

ShadowWolf7122000d ago

It's actually pretty easy to understand, I think.

The reviewer appears to be saying that while there's a lot of good stuff here, the gameplay is sparse and it may have worked better as just a television show.

DafunkyRebel2000d ago

it means the game sucks because it's short and not very satisfying

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Walker2000d ago

Seems like a fair review, 78-80 metascore predicted !

Gazondaily2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Lmao! Fair review eh Walker?

I reckon mid 80's tbh.

MasterCornholio2000d ago

Nah it will be 90 and above judging by how excited people are for this title.

Gazondaily2000d ago

Highly doubt it will be above 90


Because its a MS AAA exclusive....people will not give it to high of a score based on principle.

I think the game will be awesome though.

MasterCornholio2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )


That's not true. Ori is a MS exclusive that received really high reviews. I don't see why other MS exclusives can't do the same if the game is amazing.

Heck I forgot to mention that Forza Horizon 2 also has a really high metacritic.

bleedsoe9mm2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

have to factor in ms hate as reviewers clutch their mac books and ps4's , high 80's with that factored in . mid 90's if it was ps or nintendo .

SpeakTruthAlways2000d ago


So should we also consider "sony hate" when games like driveclub, the order and killzone were blasted by the media while games like ori, forza horizon and FM6 were praised? Maybe stop playing this victim complex and put those fanboy goggles off, that'll help you to judge neutrally.

bleedsoe9mm2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

@SpeakTruthAlways keep your head in the sand and avoid looking at whats really happening , show me the outlet that gave bloodborne a 2 like what was given to forza horizon 2 . and thats just a blatant case not just the subtle bias that happening for every ms exclusive .

SpeakTruthAlways2000d ago


The only one with the head in sand is you, souls games have all been rated by the media, so if bloodborne is rated highly what's so different and suspicious about it? DS1, DS2 both are highly rated games, do you have any issues with those or is your issue only with bloodborne because it's a sony exclusive and not your darling MS' exclusive?

Remove those fanboys goggles and you'll see that MS' AAA games have been rated higher in media than ps4 AAA exclusives, isn't it the very reason that you people shout from moutain tops that xbox one has better exclusives than ps4?

The thing is, you people are blinded by your own stupidity and fanboyism.

Christopher2000d ago

Stop posting that picture of me and my cat online, 9Ball!

As to how it will score, high 80s I assume. I'm sure it will get some flack for how the TV show takes you away from the game and stuff like that. But, I don't think QB will get hate just for being an MS game.

its_JEFF2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Really.. i think PS fanboys think PS games are underrated and Xbox fanboys think Xbox games are underrated. Just depends which side of the fence you're standing on, and if you're a fanboy.

The fact is reviews are just a person's opinion. My policy has always been to buy the games that interest me... I've played a lot of games that were said to be average, that were far from it. I've always played games that were said to be Amazing, that I found very average.

NatFanBoyRestricted2000d ago

Speak the truth
"The thing is, you people are blinded by your own stupidity and fanboyism." You should take your goggles off and pay more attention around here

SpeakTruthAlways2000d ago


My goggles are off actually, all I am seeing from xbox fanboys is cry of media bias and unfair criticism, I am actually laughing at the stupidity of these posters.

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RiseofScorpio2000d ago

you'd like that wouldnt you?

MasterCornholio2000d ago

What's bad about a meta in the high 80s?

Not everything has to be 90+ to be good.

Mikefizzled2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

A reasonable review but when they laud it with praise and then give it an average 6/10 score. It just felt odd.
Breaking embargo and giving a below expected score feels a bit cheap, too.

Taero2000d ago

I think it was fair, a game with great pieces but felt too short and that it held back on the pieces that made the game feel good (powers/action) and left you feeling incomplete. Was it 6/10? Well if you use the full scale maybe, on todays scale I think that a 7/10 would have been more 'acceptable' to most people.

Worth playing but you'll trade it in afterwards. Another "The Order".

2pacalypsenow2000d ago

@bleedsoe9mm lol Sony has not gotten a free pass, many PS4 exclsuives have been give average reviews.

NeoGamer2322000d ago

Not at all. Not a single assessment of graphics quality, not a single assessment of the story quality, not a single assessment of story flow, not a single assessment of sound quality/use, not a single assessment of gameplay mechanics.

This review is more a review of the game idea then it is about the game that is delivered.