The 8 Best Video Games That Take Place During World War II


"Here are some of the best video games that depict WWII. There are many different types of games. Some of the games available go accurately to the historical events as the war happened, while some of the games like to re-write history. While other games just touch base on the more well known pieces of history, not digging to deep into one way or another."

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popopdc1025d ago

Call of Duty United Offensive the expansion pack to COD 1 will always be the best COD and WW2 game both for the campaign and the multiplayer.

SonyStyled1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

Nope, not clicking 8 pages. My favorite WWII game is probably Frontline

SniperControl1025d ago

Same here, hate those multi click sites.

My fave WWII series is the Brothers in Arms games, loved those games back in the day.

I actually re-bought Hell's Highway about 6 months ago on PS3, great game.

tanukisuit1025d ago

Easily Medal of Honor allied assault!

brando0081024d ago

Just started playing MoH: Frontline HD today, and my God the nostalgia hit me like a wave. What a great classic!