A Look at Two Worlds + New Screenshots

This past year was a bit slow on the role playing game front. While a few heavy hitters came out, the majority of 2006 was a bit on the ho-hum side of things. 2007 is shaping up to be anything but slow and one of the games that will come out of the gates early is Two Worlds.

Due out this spring for Xbox 360 and PC, Two Worlds is expected to fill in a bit of the gap that is opening now that people are finally getting their fill of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion...

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THAMMER15242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

Looks like it will shape up to be good.

Bill Gates I Am5242d ago

Horses in games = million seller.

Microsoft Master5242d ago

As long as it isn't a sloppy PC port like Oblivion (a fantastic game but poor framerate and has quite a lot of glitches) then this will be another quality game for the 360.

Funky Town_TX5242d ago

Looks like crap. RPG's are not my favorite. I kinda liked Oblivion. After 50 hours of play I got tired of it. The fact that I only finished about 20% shows how good I am at RPG's

Sphinx5242d ago

If this game is half as good as Oblivion, I'll be playing it for a long time.

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