Lucky's Tale Review | Gamespot

"Lucky's Tale does middle-of-the-road perfectly, never veering too far from the familiar, delivering exactly what we've come to expect from mascot platforming games over the past 20 years. The bright-eyed star, Lucky, bears the hallmarks of a cartoon icon."

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naruga3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

a mario-crash-bandicoot wannabe

Black0ut3033d ago

Maybe. Definitely a low score by most games standards. We'll see how the rest of the reviews pan out when they're released.

Fin_The_Human3033d ago

Don't forget Conker and Tales inspired.

Warshade3033d ago

This game looks like it has no reason to be released on a VR format. I would like to give it a go on steam.


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Lucky's Tale Review - PlayStation VR - ThisGenGaming

TGG says: "If you’ve yet to play Lucky’s Tale and you’re looking for a cute new 3D platformer to play on your PlayStation VR then I do recommend it. The game looks a bit dated and doesn’t do as much with the medium as some other games have but it’s enjoyable nonetheless."

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MasterChief3624816d ago

This game is such a joy. I'm happy those with PS VR can finally enjoy it, if they weren't able to before. I absolutely love the way the VR is used. It is true that the game doesn't utilize it all that much, but the stuff that is there, such as that feeling of looking around into a storybook and being able to peek around rocks and under cliffs... it's just a wonderful experience.

TGGJustin815d ago

Agreed. It's a very solid game that I'm happy finally made its way over to PSVR.