LittleBigPlanet confirmed region free by SCEE rep

PS3Fanboy writes - Chalk this one up as a LittleBigWin for LittleBigPlanet fans. A Sony representative has posted on the official European PlayStation forums to clarify the region locking issue, stating that "there will only be one region for the game.... a LittleBigRegion."

"The confusion arose out of regional differences in how moderation will work as there are different legal rules each region have to play by, and at one point this looked like it may require the game to be independent in each region". Thankfully, this was unnecessary in the end. So you can stop fretting now; your level creations will be playable worldwide and, perhaps more importantly, we're going to have a huge selection of content from all different cultures to play with soon after launch. Is it October 29th yet?

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WhittO5670d ago

This is great - it should keep the community on LBP huge and active for (hopefully) years !

Like if warhawk wasnt region free online - there would be like 20 servers to choose from, but because its region free theres always hundreds of servers full of people.

Freak of Nature5670d ago

I just knew this darling of a lil' company would come through in the end....

I mean otherwise they would have had to re-name the game to "Littlebigcontinent:....J K...

That a way to go Media molecule....

Cwalat5670d ago

i know, this would be the fall for LBP... but damnit they did it ! :D

facepalm5670d ago

The phrase "LittleBigRegion" just makes me smile. ^-^

Good news for everyone!!

TheHater5670d ago

See when website takes thing out of context for hits on their site. I hope next time, those website should not jump to conclusion but contact the developers for more info on the subject.

Mc Fadge5670d ago

Good to see Sony and Media Molecule on top of things <3333

Zerodin5670d ago

That's what I got to say when FFXIII went multi-platform!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5670d ago

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??? So that News yesterday on this site was not true???
I'm shocked!!! ;-D Everything on this is true???
I'm dumb, i believe everything on this!!! ;-D
(Wonder who made it up???...Hmm...)

@Dann59 ;) The Haters have NOTHING to look forward to!!! ;-D
(Well maybe just one good game...that will be on the P.C(i.e Better Version)next year anyway!!!) ;-o

ThatCanadianGuy5670d ago

Yes zerodumb.If you call getting a gimped port+multiple disc's
owning haters then good for you buddy.

ozhuerta5670d ago (Edited 5670d ago )

FFXIII coming to your system (*cough* M$ paid, of course *cough*) gives you orgasms? Try to be with a real person, it's a lot better.
Sorry, I forgot you're still a child.
BTW, why are you here?? Go troll to your cave.

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