Dark Souls 1 Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Gameplay Frame-Rate Test

Dark Souls 1 was added to the Xbox One backward compatibility list yesterday - so how well does it run on Microsoft's latest console. Tom and Rich discuss the issue.

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CoNn3r_B964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Eat your heart out Blight Town.

I still don't understand how this "superior" console can't run last gen games. If it's such a problem fix your damn emulator.

Concertoine964d ago

10 years later there still isnt a good 360 emulator on PC. It's not an easy thing to do at all.

meche334964d ago

It can run last gen games you dummy. The BC runs the xbox one equal to 360 specs or else it'll knock game optimization that was done for the 360 out of wack

TheCommentator964d ago

Emulators, as a general rule, take about 10x the overall processing ability of the console they are trying to emulate in order to run properly. Everyone in the industry agreed that there was no way to run BC on either XB1 or PS4 because of how underpowered they both are, and because of how different their architectures are compared to last gen as well. Then MS made it happen in spite of all of these challenges.

Furthermore, there have been other games that ran poorly on BC when introduced that received patches that fixed their framerates, while other games run better on BC than one 360. Since each game is unique, each game requires attention in order to make it work.

t-hall785964d ago

Playing it now. No problems. This framerate/resolution thing is seriously getting out of hand. Lets all get back to is the game fun/not fun convo.

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Jmanzare964d ago

Well it's not light souls

DragonDDark964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

+Funny Lol good one.

Caedus511964d ago

@Jmanzare that was so funny I almost fell out of my chair.

Perjoss964d ago

Next you'll be asking why are there so many souls...

sullynathan964d ago

Dark souls ran poorly on every platform it was on. The pc version with 15 fps is terrible

Perjoss964d ago

Sure if you're trying to run it on a pc built 15 years ago maybe. Never ran anywhere near as low as 15 fps on mine, and it wasn't even top of the range components.

sullynathan964d ago

let me guess, you used DSFix or one of the mods to improve performance?

roland82964d ago

With the dsifix Dark Souls runs a constant 60 fps for me

sullynathan964d ago

That's the problem. The game runs well with a mod installed, not outside the box. I used DSFix too but without it I get a cool steady 15 fps.

Its a good thing that Scholar of the first sin was a good port in terms of performance.

esmittystud101964d ago

Until this video, I could find nothing on this game and B.C. footage on X1. I'm glad they made it availible. Just wanted to see how it runs on X1, and I'm not dissapointed. Every From Software game has its flaws but they make up for it 1000 times over with there content. My copy of Dark Souls for Xbox 360 should be here tomorrow, along with DS:II SOTFS on PS4.

Bloodborne had issues as well.....but I didn't even care. I loved that game so much that it overshadowed the framedrops completly. They will smooth things out a tad I'm sure with DS:III if its having the same issues. But no game out today is perfect on consoles. They all have there cons.

example: Just Cause 3 on PS4. Its unplayable right now its so bad.

meche334964d ago

Im playing JC3 on xbox one and its playable but theres this online login glitch that im getting. and i have to wait 5 min for it to fix itself before i can continue

esmittystud101963d ago

Mine was decent until the last update.

Frinker964d ago

Pc version with Ds fix is the way forward