Oculus Expects Over 100 VR Games in 2016

Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus VR back in 2014. On March 28, the company will launch the $600 consumer edition of Oculus Rift into the global marketplace with 30 games. Oculus will be first to market on the PC virtual reality front, but followed closely by Valve and HTC’s $800 Vive on April 5, which will launch with 50 games. And Sony has its $400 PlayStation VR launching in October with over 50 games planned for 2016.

SteamPowered2804d ago

I cant wait. Lucky's Tale and Chronos will be the games that push the Rift into mainstream VR.
Im hoping VorpX gets some support from Oculus or Valve so we can make more of our gaming library VR ready. VorpX is close to the answer, but its not quite perfect yet.

starchild2804d ago

The VorpX drivers are indeed awesome (the Vireio Perception ones too). It's awesome to play some of your favorite standard games in VR.

kennyg37392804d ago

I can't wait to get mind,I think pc vr will have edge over playstation for open apps like this https://youtu.be/bjE6qXd6It... and vr porn.

SteamPowered2804d ago

Virtual Desktop and the custom SteamVR overlays are really exciting. Multiple monitors as big as you want.
I think big things are in store for VR on PC.

starchild2804d ago

The openness and power of the PC will definitely result in a crazy amount of great VR content. Even very experimental stuff. And VR porn of course.


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ApocalypseShadow200d ago

That's fine. GT7 would overshadow it anyway at it has open wheel and regular cars.

Should have been spending their time updating Squadrons with better resolution, frame rate, haptics, etc as there isn't a game like that on PS VR 2 yet.

But it's EA. They don't think.

Babadook7199d ago

I agree. It would sell better on PSVR2 right now.

Knushwood Butt200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

A wasted opportunity, but I don't buy EA / Codemasters stuff anyway. Grid Legends just came out on Plus and I haven't touched it. Why would I when I have GT7 and PSVR2?

Abnor_Mal200d ago

Not into F1 racing, but still a missed opportunity.

ApocalypseShadow200d ago

That's where opportunity presents itself that they could offer something else that other developers haven't offered yet. Yeah. There's No Man's Sky. But a space game with a story would be great. Like the old days with Colony Wars.

Abnor_Mal200d ago

Exactly, they could have possibly lured more players just from the inclusion of a vr mode.

I miss Colony wars and G-Police, Low-Fi I hope will scratch that itch when it releases. We also need a vr War/Starhawk game.

Knushwood Butt199d ago

Just watched the trailer of Low-Fi. Most definitely on my radar.

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