Why Microsoft Should Pick Up Evolution Studios

ThisGenGaming says "So it makes me wonder if Microsoft should take a page out of Sony’s playbook and hire Evolution employees? So here I am writing my thoughts on why Microsoft should pick up Evolution Studios. Now, one of the biggest reasons as to why I think that Microsoft should start trying to hire employees from Evolution Studios is because they’re a strong background in racing games, which can really help the Forza series (not that it needs much help) and who knows? It might even help pave the way for an entirely new branch of games for Forza, much like how Forza Horizon has helped the franchise. It makes the most sense as to where those who worked for Evolution Studios would be working on given their history of racing games."

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Death3044d ago

I would rather see Evolution regain their independence and make the games they want to make on the platforms they choose. A deal with a large publisher like Activision or EA would be ideal if they could secure a deal similar to the one Bungie made. There is no need to be scooped by anyone.

crazychris41243044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

bungie/activison deal is terrible for gamers and so would a evo/activison deal

Death3044d ago

Bungie is terrible for gamers. Their shortsightedness and greed are pretty apparent now, but that had nothing to do with the publishing agreement they made with Activision. Publishers are used to fund games for independent developers. The publisher makes that money back when the game is sold to retailers. As long as demand exceeds development costs, it's a win-win for everyone. The Activision-Bungie deal was an extreme example of the publisher/developer relationship. That's not to say Evo couldn't come up with a more realistic publisher deal.

UltraNova3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )


Bungie was Bungie when they went to Activision for that deal, they had Halo on their CV as leverage and as things turned out they still got the stinky end of the stick. Imagine how would Evo fair on that table.

If they form a new studio they should steer clear of the trio from Hell (Activision, EA and Ubi).

ChuckTheIceMan3044d ago

Completely agree! Putting a dedicated release date on any game that is in year 1 or 2 of development is a recipe for disaster! Games should be finished when they are actually finished instead of being completely or even partially broken at launch. Or as in the case of Destiny having a great framework for a game but being completely devoid of content for a year.

darthv723044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Damn Death... I think Bungie is even regretting their deal with Activision to the point where they would rather go back to MS. lol

As for Evolution, they should go indie and make games they want to make. Publishers can approach them to release on whatever platform they choose but don't go through the hassle of being picked up again by a bigger corporation.

They need to stick up for themselves and be a strong 3rd party developer as we know they are a talented bunch.

Commando_Bro3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Yes, they should.
Or any other 3rd party company.

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Stick893044d ago

"I would rather see Evolution regain their independence...A deal with a large publisher like Activision or EA would be ideal"


RosweeSon3044d ago

Going with Activision or EA wouldn't give them independence, financial backing yes independence, hell No, ask Criterion who were constantly told to charge for their free DLC by EA, ex Rare Guys, free radical design? who made Timesplitters 1-2 and of course 3 which was published by... EA still a great game but you can see all over it where they've had their influence. If EA get involved they get involved. Microsoft would be wise to buy it up purely as they are lacking people making exciting games purely for them however Microsoft haven't got the best track record which brings me to Rare again... Yeah hopefully they'll have a good E3 but they've been left in the cupboards for years, let out every now and again to try and make something no one wants ie Kinect games when really they should have seen Yooka Laylee (Microsoft should have noticied this surely) and gone why haven't we made Banjo Kazooie3, nope. Can't wait for E3 from all the big 3 but feel Sony are gonna just continue this major assault there's a new game worth buying each week be it AAA, top end indies or ps2 classics and with PlayStation Now and VR selling well so in advance of even launching and Nintendo no doubt giving us something to go on for NX, Microsoft are gonna have to go Large to get me even interested it's all Sony/Nintendo at the moment, has been for me for last 2 years or so always got time for the great ones owned a 360 for 9 years after various repairs and repurchased consoles but it was great system but not interested in their stuff at the moment.
Don't go with EA ever.

RosweeSon3044d ago

They might as well join Konami? Ask Hideo ;)

jb2273044d ago

Fully agree...MS has two very talented teams making racers, I don't see why they would ever need a third, but beyond that, we should want devs to get wider fanbases where possible, not jump from one narrow situation to another.

I personally also think all third parties should stay third parties & solely work in multiplat capacities, to free up funds to make sure that MS & Sony's first party teams get the biggest scope & focus so they can create the masterpieces that define the identity of each brand. Consoles can't define themselves based off of work from studios that bounce around, in house is extremely important IMO.

A lot of people bad mouth the Activisions & EAs of the world & there is definitely some validity in that, but these publishers also find the time to fund some true classics among the big assembly line money makers. They may pull some shady stuff to grab sales, but gamer reception is equally important to keep them in business, so they need quality devs to crank out the inspired stuff while the others crank out the ones that generate the revenue to support the whole.

meche3343044d ago

Split the employees between Playground and Turn 10 and watch FM7 and Horizon 4 be great

jb2273044d ago


That's assuming they need the new injection of talent...those guys are already cranking out a new installment every other year & w/ the release of Forza 6 & it's positive reception, they seem to have their footing & they don't seem to need the help.

I'd personally rather seen the option of another new racing contender instead of more hands on games that were going to exist either way. If anything I think Ms could stand to switch to a 2 year cycle w/ annual updates on a mainline Forza franchise instead of even having 2 to begin with.

Elit3Nick3044d ago

A revived PGR would undoubtedly be the best outcome for them since Driveclub is very similar.

ScorpiusX3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

so i can Witness The Rebirth of Project Gotham Racing for Xbox one .

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annoyedgamer3044d ago

Activision? EA? Surely you jest...

creeping judas3044d ago

Look what happened to Bizarre Creations when they decided to go with play with Activision???

BEASELY3044d ago

I love ridiculously outlandish "NASA should pick them up," comments when studios shutdown. Just stop.

itBourne3044d ago

If MS picked them up they would force them to make Halo Kart Racing then can them lol.

3044d ago
itBourne3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Ensemble...? lol, an illustrious rts company, hey lets buy you and force you to make Halo Wars, oh game went gold, your studio is canned..

Rare? https://www.youtube.com/wat...
Yeh go make some more kinect games Rare.

Lionhead maybe.... lol

Bungie wanted to get the hell out, so they changed ODST into a full game just to help full fill their contract to get away from MS.

I mean can MS please kill a few more prestigious studios. Yeh sounds like a good fit, maybe they can make a motorstorm kinect racing.

darthv723044d ago

Okay, so for your examples from MS I give you a couple from Sony.

Studio Liverpool: Wipeout series
Zipper Interactive: Socom series

business is business and studios close because of decisions made regardless of if we like them or not. As for a halo kart racer... MS already has a team that could do that so there is no proof to your FUD bourne.

ONESHOTV23044d ago

no that's a bad idea wouldn't you want them to go to where the money is where they can be funded to create another good AAA game like MotorStorm: Pacific Rift or are you just a fanboy.

xfiles20993044d ago

I have news for you but most of the guys at Evolution are going to be hired to work on GT they are not going anywhere. Sony has two GT games they are working on they need all the help they can get.

otherZinc3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

No. No. No!

M$ doesn't need to hire a mediocre Evolution Studios Staff member. Not one!

Why didn't Sony move Evolution Members over to Polyphony Digital to assist with GT7?

I'll tell you why... Evolution Studios is terrible! MotorStorm was awful & Drive Club was terrible! Sony gave Evolution Studios years to make a good Racing Game, they couldn't do it. If Evolution could've made 1 good game, they'd still be employed by Sony.

Evolution should go to Indie Game development.

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WrestlingNewsFan3044d ago

I guess a meeting won't hurt? Similar to Sony/Lionhead.

PhoenixUp3044d ago

Why Microsoft of all publishers? Would this supposed retaliation be done because Sony set up an event for the ex-Lionhead devs? Let's not forget Epic had a similar event and may do the same for Evolution, along with other possible third party publishers.

Aloy-Boyfriend3044d ago

Because clicks