Sony confirms closure of Evolution Studios

By James Brightman:
Evolution Studios, the developer behind franchises like World Rally Championship and MotorStorm, has been shut down by Sony, we've just learned. The company's most recent DriveClub was a troubled project for the studio and Sony, having seen delays and online problems - 55 people had been cut from Evolution just one year ago. Now, Sony has made the tough decision to make the rest of the Evolution staff redundant.

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magiciandude3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

This has been expected since around the time of DriveClub's launch, that Evolution is the next Sony studio on the chopping block. Looks like I was right. This is a repeat of Zipper Interactive. What a shame Sony. All that support that Driveclub has been getting post-launch is just Sony slowly building up the game to where it should've have been since launch. Now look at this mess...

Driveclub is an example of how NOT to launch a game. Take notes everybody.

Bansai3039d ago

That sucks, DC became a great game after much needed updates, hope the devs land on their feet!

Yi-Long3039d ago

What a stupid decision by Sony. Driveclub is probably my favourite game on PS4. Such quality and talent went into that.

Really REALLY disappointed to hear this. :(

Griever3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

That is very sad and disappointing. They tried so hard to turnaround Driveclub and made it a pretty great game through excellent support. Their technical expertise is superb as well given the fact how good Driveclube looks. I wonder if they are being absorbed into other first party studios or are they out of jobs?

Eonjay3039d ago

Yeah, I just don't think it was profitable after what happened in the beginning. At least they were allowed to turn things around for the title before being closed. Driveclub is an amazing racer.

Gazondaily3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

"Driveclub is an example of how NOT to launch a game. Take notes everybody."

True. Looks like their amazing support ends here.

Shame really. Was a visually competent racer. I'm sure the devs will find new jobs easily.

emad-E-three3039d ago

It is my favourite racing game what a terrible day for fans and the people working there :'(
Damn you Sony I hope whoever made that stupid decision gets fired!

All the best to those effected hopefully at least they get moved to PD to work on Gran Turismo.

darthv723039d ago

Well damn. I'd loved to have played a VR enabled motorstorm.

So I guess MS should extend the olive branch to these guys like Sony did for lionhead...?

Yi-Long3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

@Septic: it was much much more than JUST visually competent: It made every other recent racing game look last-gen in comparison-videos, but also the sound, the track-design (best ever), the lighting and weather, the handling, the support. It was ALL first-rate.

Even the Online MP/experience was great, after that difficult launch.

This is a really dumb and short-sighted decision by Sony. Instead of closing that studio full of talented, hard-working people who kept making that game better and better, they should have increased their support, in order to build on this great foundation throughout these next few years.

It's a great game, and it could have kept selling for the next few years.

Hugely disappointed about this, and about Sony.

Any interest I had in VR also took quite a hit with this news, cause Driveclub in VR could have been something very special.

nX3039d ago

Damn I feel like this wouldn't have happened if they made a Motorstorm instead of Driveclub... they still made a good game but it wasn't the best idea from the start as Sony already has Gran Turismo. Best of luck to all those affected, I think there's a lot of talent amongst them.

Good-Smurf3039d ago

Wow this is really sad news and to think I'm still enjoying the new hardcore handling mode and free city town tracks makes it harder to believe that this studio is no more...they just released free bike like a week or two ago!
I hope they would land their next jobs at Polyphony Digital it would be a big help PD trying to please everyone and remember a lot people still hoping for Tourist Trophy 2,yes THAT RIDING SIMULATOR and still the best in the genre for 10 years!

Dabigkahuna763039d ago

Microsoft should hire these dudes

Rookie_Monster3039d ago

Very Unfortunate. It is always a sad day to see any Studios get the boot. It affects everyone from the developers and their family, to gamers, and to gaming sites like Dualshockers which depend on game studios to continue to support their game so they can continue to give us informative news articles daily.

Hope these guys get picked up by other developers. Best of luck.

AngelicIceDiamond3039d ago

RIP ES hope these talented devs find jobs very soon.

RiseofScorpio3039d ago

The best of Evolution would be welcome at Playground games in a heartbeat i hope.

badz1493039d ago

WTF? Sony WTF are you doing? Damn...this is depressing! Wish them the best and I hope this is not the last we hear from them.

bouzebbal3039d ago

What????? Where did this one come from??
Motorstorm PS4??? You just crushed my hopes of seeing that happen.

wellard3039d ago

This is terrible news, granted dc was a mess on release but it's now fantastic, you can see the Devs passion in the game. I'll miss them, motorstorm and dc were both very heavily played my me. Gutted.

Why o why3039d ago

sad face MOTORSTORM sad face

DARKKENT3039d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo

Loktai3039d ago

I agree... drive club should have been relaunched with some TV ads .. the game got so much love after launch its basically a different game and is amazingly well rounded now. Very disappointing.

fr0sty3039d ago

This is the worst decision Sony has made in a long time. Evolution had a lot of very good talent and franchises that made Sony many millions of dollars. Driveclub turned into one of PS4's best games despite its launch.

Brugal3038d ago

That's sad. Driveclub is also one of my favorite games this generation. It's definitely the game I've played the most on my PS4. I hope they can relocate their talents to other in home studios.

_-EDMIX-_3038d ago

@Yi-Long- "What a stupid decision by Sony" have you seen the cost of the team and the game's return to actually say that?

I mean...you nor I actually know what they spent on that game ,team etc vs what they got in return.

This is after all a business. You may LOVE a game......but at the end of the day, if its not making money, they can't afford to keep making it. They may have expected Motorstorm sales which that game sold near 4 million. They likely just can't afford to make such a game and have it not perform. Even after the delays too, they gave the team lots and lots of time.

No doubt that after the updates the team did a good job, but too little, too late. Those updates that made the game better, also came too late and folks didn't just start buying it up again in millions.

This is based on a numbers game, not feelings or emotions.

So it being um "my favourite game" is sorta irrelevant to the simple concept of math and business.