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Noah says, "In a Black Friday massacre, the city of New York has received an immeasurable amount of devastation. Buildings are burning, people are dying, and the society as we know it is utterly falling apart. Hope is fading fast. The Division is a highly skilled arsenal of killers with no rules. They’re sent in to perform a job; one that no one else could. When disaster strikes the Big Apple, you’re the last hope for the remaining civilians. No pressure, though."

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FPS_D3TH2516d ago

A good review of division, nobody bats an eye. A bad review of division and all the trolls jump on to tell you how much the beta sucked. God I love game reviews and fellow gamers.

1nsomniac2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

... Yea maybe all reviews should ignore the blatant pitfalls whenever it comes to these big budget games.