Dark Souls III preview [GameWatcher]

GameWatcher got to play some Dark Souls III, and came away with that warm familiar feeling - no, not oozing blood.

Excerpt: "For returning Dark Souls and Bloodborne players, Dark Souls III will already feel very familiar. The game appears to be a melting pot of both franchises, incorporating a number of elements from each. A few characters that appeared in Dark Souls have returned; Batwing Demons and Andre of Astoria, to name a few. In addition, we noticed that a number of areas in Dark Souls III resemble areas that can be found in Bloodborne - though this could be down to the developer reusing older assets for their new game. The engine used to power Bloodborne is being used in Dark Souls III and it is apparent right from the beginning. The game looks significantly more detailed compared to Dark Souls II (though it is important to note that we were playing the unfinished PS4 build of the game.)"

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SpinalRemains1383020d ago

Just 27 days! Woohoooo!

Gonna die 600 times!

Ashunderfire863020d ago

Prepare to die going dark souls 1 and 2 back to back before 3 on PC for me.

DivineAssault 3020d ago

I have only seen a few screen shots and read about it so i can go in blind folded.. I think trailers for certain games spoil them.. This is one of them so i wont watch but i know its going to be amazing.. The speed of Bloodborne and the fantasy setting of DS.. Just fantastic and a day 1 purchase.. No reviews, no pointing out flaws, no nothing... I trust FromSoftware's games 100%

quent3020d ago

Been practicing getting used to dying over and over again through the tower of latria, need to adjust my gamma.......... ,You revived.


Dark Souls: 10 Best Weapons In The Series

TheGamer writes, "Some weapons resist the test of time."

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Father__Merrin122d ago

bastard sword and claymore do the job when grinded up


10 Hardest Bosses in the Souls Series, Ranked

The Nerd Stash: “Whether you’re here to gloat about your victories or to see what the fuss is about, we present to you the hardest bosses in the Souls series.”

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phoenixwing205d ago

I beat them all with my fists and no hits were taken. What do you mean you don't believe me? I used a guitar hero controller!!!

qalpha205d ago

I used the Jungle Beat Bongos from my Gamecube

The_Hooligan205d ago

I just made my character look like Chuck Norris.

qalpha205d ago

All the bosses are only from Dark Souls. No Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, or Demon Souls


Review: Mastering Dark Souls 3 Is A Monumental Achievement - Gamescordia

Dark Souls 3 is easily the most replayable game in the Dark Souls Series. But, is the game good enough to spend nearly 10 hours killing Silver Knights alone?

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GhostScholar218d ago

These games bore me to tears. I don’t mind the difficulty it’s just the constant killing the same enemies over every time you rest that makes it so monotonous

jznrpg218d ago

You open up a lot of shortcuts so you can skip many enemies. But if I don’t like games I don’t buy them.