Kuju Brighton announce new EyeToy game

The fourth in the multi-million selling EyeToy: Play series, EyeToy: Play Sports continues the EyeToy revolution.. With a vast collection of sports themed quick-fire mini games there are literally 101 great reasons to buy EyeToy: Play Sports.

Being an EyeToy game the emphasis is on multiplayer fun, and this game features a brand new team mode perfect for party play. Kuju’s Brighton studio, world class specialists in 'lifestyle' games, are delighted to be again working closely with the Sony London Studio on this title, due to be released across PAL territories toward the end of 2006.

Studio Head Ed Daly comments: "Alongside the studio's work on previous EyeToy games, SingStar Rocks, and other recent announcements, the Play Sports project underlines Kuju Brighton's commitment to lifestyle / social gaming, reaching out to parts of the market that other games can't reach."

Source: kuju.com


“I played EyeToy naked” and other gaming confessions

Have you got any embarrassing, guilty, regretful and, above all, funny anecdotes involving games? Not naming any names, but the staff of PLAY and its sister publications have dark gaming pasts…

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fafoon5093d ago

I Wore only Leather Chaps and a Cowboy Hat

FACTUAL evidence5092d ago

I have a confession...I beta tested this one thing called Natal......boy do I feel ashamed. Worst secret I kept in gaming.

Quagmire5092d ago

Dear father. Forgive me for I have sinned. I wish to confess my purchase of my hard-earned money on purchasing an Xbox 360 and a Copy of Halo ODST.

For shame....

Apone5093d ago

Army boots and bunny ears

Yardie5093d ago

Sometimes, when i'm alone, i sit on my hand, wait till it gets numb, and i masturbate. i call it a stranger.

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Pre-E3 2010: Project Natal And PS2 EyeToy Comparison

Ironstar: "Innovation, no. Imitation yes! Microsoft's methods of luring suspecting crowds into the Natal craze proves that the superfluous celebrity acquaintanceship that promotes the platform are as misleading as the capabilities of its hardware. I won't knock Natal for embracing the wheel..."

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DelbertGrady5149d ago

Eyetoy - Tracks motion in 2D.
Natal - Tracks motion in 3D.

I'm pretty sure we'll see games that push the Natal a little more at E3. The Richochet game isn't that impressive. Until then I'm eagerly awaiting your "Move and Wii comparison" article.

thebudgetgamer5149d ago

and like you said we will see what they have at e3. im hoping for some fun stuff.

KingTavy5149d ago

I just hope there's a way to not look like an idiot while playing. That video on the net kinda made it look ridiculous.

-Alpha5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

Yeah, we ought to wait for E3. The article is pretty unfair otherwise. You can't have a comparison with a released product and an unreleased product. That defeats the purpose of having a comparison, at least a fair one. The technology behind Natal is obviously more advanced/different than that of EyeToy. However, we have yet to see much yet from Natal aside from demonstrations. Hopefully MS puts together a show that highlights the games at E3, as it's pretty much the last important stop.

But then again if you wait for Natal's actual games then they will surely outdo the EyeToy games, which makes the comparison pretty worthless to begin with. As a result the comparison becomes biased either way.

thebudgetgamer5149d ago

and i dont mind looking like an ass while playing since im used to making an ass of my self anyways.

Conloles5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

Lol what a guess its Ironstar this sites nearly as bad as HHG.... No doubt they wont do a comparison between Move and Wii.

Im gonna love to see all the droids reaction at E3.