Unity Demo Showcases New Graphical Capabilities in Real-Time

At the Unity GDC 2016 event the source engine company released a demo showcasing some cool new graphical features coming in Unity 5.4 Beta 1.

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x8001575d ago

Nice Graphics for this engine.
The matrix?

SunnyZ1575d ago

Reminds me more of iRobot

fr0sty1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Looks like they've figured out how to upload one's consciousness into a robot, and these people are just waking up after having their minds uploaded into these new robot bodies, which is why you see the main character start to go insane and bash himself out of the robot's head. Mental rejection of the new host body, much like we have to deal with physical rejection when doing organ or limb transplants.

There's actually a good bit of research going on to see if that sort of thing is possible. Interesting scenario for a game. I hope someone makes something of it other than a demo.

TheCommentator1575d ago

I, Matrix? I agree about this becoming a game. The premise is fascinating.

Niv1575d ago

Lack of facial animation. All the powers going into polys