XING: The Land Beyond is coming to PlayStation VR

Posted by Koriel Kruer on Mar 15, 2016 // Co-founder & Developer, White Lotus Interactive

Xing: The Land Beyond is the PlayStation VR game that will make you never* want to take off your headset.**
In our previous PlayStation Blog post, we outlined how XING: The Land Beyond is a go-at-your-own-pace puzzle-adventure game. This play style works great in VR, as you can really take your time soaking everything in.

We are always designing with VR in mind: from the way players interact with objects, to the scale and atmosphere of each level, to the overall menu construction. Each of the puzzles is thoughtfully integrated into the environment surrounding it, which helps to make everything flow nicely together.

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amnalehu1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

what a nice addition to the PSVR library! Its good to see so much support.