Watch System Shock Remastered's First Gameplay Footage Here


"System Shock Remastered has seen the light of day. The first gameplay footage of the re-imagined game was released by developer Night Dive Studios on YouTube today. You can check it out for yourself below.The System Shock remaster is set for release on Xbox One and PC in 2017."

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leahcim1573d ago

it looks awesome, but no ps4 release?

ZombieGamerMan1573d ago

So is this a fully backed remake of System Shock ordered by 2K or did some guys who have a hard on for System Shock decide to make a fan mod that turned into a fanmade remake that 2K is ok with?


this is more the kind of remake id like to see. old games built up from the ground in new current gen engines etc.

not all this bullcrap of ps3 and 360 games getting a lick of 1080p and 60fps treatment.

so many old classics would be a joy to play for the new generation of gamers.