Launch trailer revealed for Time Machine VR

The launch trailer for Minority Media‘s time-travelling virtual reality game, Time Machine VR, was revealed earlier today on the developer’s YouTube channel.

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I_am_Batman1578d ago

It seems like VR is going to be flooded with mediocre games and tech demos. I mean the quantity of games is actually overwhelming but you'd be hard pressed to find a handful of quality games.

Trilithon1578d ago

Talk about going back in time, too play station 1 graphics! lol cough yawn

level 3601578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Looks ok and fun especially for the kiddies but would be nice to see if they can "maybe" fix/reset the animation and add the correct weight/mass-to-movement per dinosaur ( the bigger, the slower ).

Gaming4Life19811578d ago

Looks good to me but that's just me.

FPSFox1578d ago

Real world actors don't belong in games. 0:40 shows this IMO. Other than that, yea, seems like a game kids would love.

Elronza1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Actually if finished the right way starting with highly improved graphics, this could be both fun and highly educational!