Street Fighter 5 Birdie’s story mode beaten by a baby

Watch this six-month-old button-mashing baby whoop some serious butt without breaking a sweat.

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jon_snow1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

it was already proved as fake by reddit and neogaf. Exact movement found to be fake was during special move where button and direction were not used but special occured.

DarkOcelet1963d ago

Read the description from the YouTube page

Knushwood Butt1962d ago

My cat beat Fang's story mode.

Kreisen1962d ago

"For everyone saying it's a fake, Birdie has moves which come out when you RELEASE a button after holding it for a while, and the EX versions come out from holding and releasing the 3punch or 3kick buttons. I'm too busy to waste time trying to fake my baby beating an easy story mode by mashing random buttons."

Activemessiah1963d ago

You know you messed up when a baby who can't walk, talk or wipe himself completes your game.

Majin-vegeta1963d ago

Its even more messed up when people take it serious.

Activemessiah1962d ago

It's hard to take demos seriously.

DivineAssault 1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I got to the end of normal mode survival but since theres no arcade mode at the moment, i got my *** handed to me by Bison.. Had there been an arcade mode for me to study his attacks, i might have stood a chance.. Im not fighting 29 fighters again just to try and unlock a costume. Theres only one round fights!

Everyone seems easy until Bison does every trick in the book.. I cant wait for the updated story mode, store, and hopefully arcade mode..

Malphite1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I think on normal survival there are 2 difficulty ramps. The first one is after you've beaten the first 14 characters. The second one is after you've beaten them for the second time so after 28 wins. It definately feels like Necali and Bison are more challenging then the rest to me. That's just an assumption though I don't know if that's how it really works.

The trials will come next week probably. That should give us a better understanding of the characters.

Edit: If you want to practice against Bison you can do that in training mode btw. Set the dummy to CPU and slowly ramp up the difficulty as you get better.

Majin-vegeta1962d ago

Actually once you get two 25 round against ryu is when they really start stepping it up.

DivineAssault 1962d ago

I could do all that but starting from the beginning is such a bummer.. There should be 2 rounds at least.. I need to stay sharp against all the characters... When i played online, I was taking people out with ease but someone beat the hell out of me both rounds because they were using attacks i couldnt even block.. I need more practice.. Still, i dont want to fight 29 rounds again just to fight bison and get my secondary outfit if he's going to wipe the floor with me.. I had no problems with anyone else except him..

Elda1962d ago

Awwww!...lil cutie is practicing already to be a gamer.

DiscoKid1962d ago

This game is perfect for babies. The brevity of the game caters to people with short attention spans.

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