Unreal Tournament adds new winter map

Unreal Tournament, the newest Unreal game from Epic Games, has added a new winter map called DM-Chill, available now to everyone for free and shown off in a new trailer released on the official Unreal Tournament YouTube channel.

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darthv721577d ago

I know it's not exactly the same but I used to play the (beep) out of this back in the day. LAN parties and online, even on the Dreamcast and PS2.

This and Quake 3 Arena were the bees knees until Counter Strike came out. Then it was all about CS.

This looks to be an interesting twist on a classic multiplayer game. And for FREE!!!!

bobtheimpaler1577d ago

I'm exactly the same way. Played the hell out of Q3 and it was my favourite MP all the time. I used to go to LANs parties for Q3 back then. Fun times.

The new pre-alpha, though in it's early stages is so much fun. It's simple, but still provides more challenge and excitement than CoD for me. It's Unreal

Mechanics, Time to Kill, the tense team and one on one fire fights. It's all there. Hope Doom delivers on the MP side as well. Would like for proper arena shooters to make a comeback.

I totally recommend everyone to try it. It also has bots if you don't want to play online.

I just hope they plan to bring it out on PS4 as well.

Snookies121577d ago

Awesome, might just check this out today. UT is making some really great progress!