Beating The Backlog Demon

Klaire88 talks about that backlog of games waiting to be cleared. Everyone has a list, what's yours?

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Hoffmann974d ago

Tales of Symphonia
Disgaea 2 on PSP
Disgaea 5
Samurai Warriors 4-II

shodan74974d ago


DarkZane974d ago

I decided to stop caring about trophies recently (unless it's a game I really wanna platinum). Ever since then, the backlog is somehow clearing itself much faster.

yeahright2974d ago

That's pretty much where I'm at. If I enjoy a game, I'll do my best to 100% it. Like witcher 3, I went through the whole thing, every side quest, every contract, every question mark. Then with the Batman titles, I just kinda flew through the story. If I got a trophy, great, if not, I didn't go out of my way to nab it.
I like trophies, they scratch that completionist itch. I just don't have the time to be a completionist when it comes to gaming.

Perjoss974d ago

With Steam sales a gaming backlog can get ferociously out of hand really fast.

yeahright2974d ago

Tell me about it. I've owned my PC for about 6 weeks or so and already have over 100 PC games in my backlog. humble bundle, steam sales, gog, I love them and hate them.

Genova84974d ago

Of just games I own:

1. Dead Space 2 and 3.
2. Crysis 2 and crysis wars
3. DmC
4. Fallout 3 (half way through)
5. Metro 2033 and Last Light
6. AC Syndicate
7. Path of Exile (new expansion)
8. Dust
9. Fez
10. Super meatboy
11. Strider
12. Dragon age 1 and 2
13. Arkham City (10 hours in)
14. Destiny (played like 20 hours)
15. Borderlands 2
16. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

That's just off the top of my head. Anyone care to help me decide what's next?

I also need to buy GTAV, Fallout 4, Divison, Far Cry Primal, Arkham Knight and a ton of others.

SolidGear3974d ago

Holy crap! That's one hell of a backlog. About 10 of those games I got at launch. Fallout 3 was actually my first platinum. Wowser! You got some serious work ahead of you :3

Genova84973d ago

I'm like 35ish hours into Fallout 3. I don't 100% any games and I feel like I've gone a "good amount" of things in it. Granted, I do have the GOTY edition, so I'm sure there's like 100+ hours of content left ... I "beat" New Vegas in about 40 and felt good about it. I didn't do any stories on the strip, but instead went in guns blazing! Good times!

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