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Gamespresso's Alana Fearnall takes a look at Stardew Valley, the first title launched by ConcernedApe.
"It’s up to you to save Stardew Valley in the end, but it’s difficult to see how your actions impact the town short term. A lot of the actions you take in the town appear to have only long term effects, which is frustrating to play through. It’ll be interesting to see how decisions impact the town in the end, but it’d be nice to know how they have an immediate impact – no matter how small."

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stimm161582d ago

The truth is I've never played Harvest Moon or anything, the farming simulator genre just never really appealing to me. But this definitely sounds interesting. I might have to give it a try.

Majister-Ludi1581d ago

I don't understand how this could sound interesting to you. It literally is a farming simulator which you said wasn't appealing to you. Mixed signals.

AlanaFearnall1581d ago

Stardew Valley does add on from Harvest Moon... Fishing, Mining, etc. Farming is definitely a strong element to it, but just because a genre isn't initially appealing to someone doesn't mean they won't like it :)

stimm161580d ago

It was the extra stuff around it being a farming sim that caught my interest.