Latest Trophy Support News From Leipzig

PS3T writes "If you thought yesterday's Trophy news was good, today's will knock your socks off!! Today, we managed to view some fantastic games and the cherry on top of this was when these bad boys were confirmed to receive Trophies.

There were 4 main publishers on our appointment cards today, namely; SouthPeak, Midway, SEGA and big boys, EA. The vast majority of the titles on show today looked great and some actually looked golden already."

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Nitrowolf24534d ago

wow,hope there some more tomorro, the trophy list is getting better

LossTheEarthbreaker4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

Trophy support for all games NOT confirmed.

They've said nothing about this, it's still optional according to the information we have on upcoming releases and this article.

Furthermore, why does it goddamn matter so much?

It adds some replay value sure, but if you hate the 2 hours it takes you to unlock said trophy (or achievement), who the fack cares? No one else, I guarantee you.

It's masochism.

WhittO4534d ago

Actually they did confirm that every game will have trophy support starting from the end of the year as they make it compulsory. But until then its up to the developers.

sunnygrg4533d ago

Looking forward to Bayonetta and Alpha Protocol.

Relcom4534d ago

trophy support for all future games confirmed. now we can focus on other things like in-game music in every game

PikkonX4534d ago

I still can't believe MGS4 doesn't have trophies or in-game hard drive music via the iPod. I thought that functionality would surely have been added by now.

InMyOpinion4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

I take it the future only holds 11 games then?

There were 14 in that list, where 11 had support confirmed. How do you make that out to be "all future games"?

Relcom4534d ago

i meant in general, of course games nearly done won't, but most/all will. By the way your quit being a d1ck for no reason

Blaze9294534d ago

Then its NOT confirmed then. Sony still has not confirmed all future titles will support it. Its still "optional" as of today

InMyOpinion4533d ago (Edited 4533d ago )

Stop writing deluded comments.

"i meant in general, of course games nearly done won't, but most/all will."

Where did you read that? The article still says 11 games confirmed. Keep making up your own truths.

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LossTheEarthbreaker4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

lol @ all your disagrees.


How many of you actually played games before Achievements and Trophies were invented?

Don't you get any self-satisfaction from playing games?

Even I admit that they can add replay value, but too put so much emphasis on them makes me embarassed to share the same hobby with all you preteens and teenagers (aside from fellow adults who share the same embarassment).

How do you expect video games to be considered an acceptable art form when you continue to grind Gamerscore and Trophies (the people who do this often times hate half the games they are playing and do it only for the public's view of their score)?

LossTheEarthbreaker4533d ago (Edited 4533d ago )

[email protected] my own disagrees, too, now.

Achievements and Trophies can be implemented well, creatively and with a challenge.

That's not the problem. I like added replay value, etc..

The problem is how people view these things and how they think other people view their trophies/achievements (if anyone ever sees them).

Microsoft_Spokesman4534d ago

Awesome. There are so many games the support the trophy feature.

Cajun Chicken4534d ago

Because I don't need to be told when I've done 'good' in games. But never the less, good for other people with PS3s who can't tell a games longevity without being rewarded.
I can't wait to see Achievements and Trophies for Serious Sam 3, maybe those might be just insane enough to bother getting them.

Dyingduck4533d ago

You need to wear some socks first

Cajun Chicken4533d ago

I personally don't need trophies. If I like a game, I like a game and play it. I play it many times because I like it.
But if everyone else is happy with it, I'm fine; but I'll just play my PS3 games like normal, thank you and unwittingly gain trophies as a bonus. :)

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