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'Halo 5' Campaign Designer Leaves 343 To Work On 'Star Wars' Game

"Halo 5's" campaign designer has left 343 to help "Uncharted" writer Amy Hennig make a new "Star Wars" game. Find out which legendary dev has officially joined Visceral Games!

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Community3046d ago
Overload3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

There is alot of movement at 343 Industries right now.

More information.

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Bobafret3046d ago

So, what are you getting at? That this is somehow bad news for MS like you always do?

Overload3046d ago

The timing is the most interesting, there seems to be alot of shuffling going on.

Davi1233046d ago

Calm down! M$ are better than ever!
They now have more 1st party studios;
They are planing more exclusives to XBone;
They are buying less timed exclusives;
The XBone are selling more than the PS4;
Their 1st focus now are the XBox and not a shop service

Is just good things. s/

jb2273046d ago

Seems like its more bad news for Amy Hennig's Star Wars game to me. It'll most likely leave the Halo franchise in potentially better shape, but now the Hennig Star Wars game may be doomed to great writing, mediocre gameplay.

-Foxtrot3046d ago

Along as they move away from his "Squad only" single player and we get back to some good old Master Chief solo missions I'll be fine

Necr0philiac3046d ago

I like solo missions better also. I liked Halo 5 campaign alot but i would have liked it more if there was only 1 or 2 squad mates or solo. You do need more than 1 person to operate some vehicles.

-Foxtrot3046d ago

I think all you need is a random Spartan if you are doing co-op. You don't need to waste time on more characters because it fills the story with too much character development.

Not to mention when you are writing these stories you would always have to account for 4 players meaning anything which would have happened solo would have to affect the team aswell. You can't have Chief fall into a ditch for example and then have to write in the other 3 did aswell. It's like "Wow...what are the chances they've all fell into Master Chiefs predicament yet again"

Halo 6 should see the return of a solo mode and feature him back with Cortana


Whaaaaa....she's going against him though right?

Exactly but would that be a good twist. She needs him to activate the Halo ring and he needs her for something else. Imagine if they were stuck together for a common goal, hearing them both argue to one another about their plans.

MachuchalBrotha3163045d ago

Quick ?. Are you always the first to comment on your own submissions? I also noticed theres alot of "wow" factor.

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Xavior_Reigns3046d ago

That title though... enough bait for ya?

Overload3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Yeah the headline is terrible.

If a mod wants to edit it, feel free. The "Uncharted Writer's" is not needed.

MCTJim3046d ago

Do you live under a bridge?

slate913046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )


Close, but no. He resides in the sewage system of N4G.

MachuchalBrotha3163045d ago

Lol...which one of the devs leaving 343i for Visceral Games is Legendary? Nevevr heard of any of them.

Eonjay3046d ago

Pure unmitigated clickbait.

sullynathan3046d ago

Same shit these sites have been doing for mass effect Andromeda.

christocolus3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I wish the guy all the best at visceral, also I'm looking forward to Amy hennigs new game. Halo 5's main issue was the campaign (design and story) and I hope 343i does better next time. They need to work harder on the campaign design for Halo 6 and hopefully get Casey Hudson and Joseph Staten to pen the story. The mp on the other hand is perfect.

Team_Litt3046d ago

Uncharted writer's Star Wars game... Wow! That is a reach my friend!

gamer11383046d ago

No offence but the campaign in 5 was easily Halo's worst. 343 need to go back to the drawing board and remember what Halo campaigns are about. It also doesn't help they are over reliant on a convoluted story that is spread across different media. Just concentrate on telling a good story within your game and hark back to that classic halo campaign.

jb2273046d ago

Yeah I haven't played the Halo 5 campaign but I did watch a playthrough and it was just bland to me.

Which is why this is a bummer...I was really pumped to see what Amy Hennig would turn out when it was rumored the game would star Han Solo, be reminiscent of 1313 and have Uncharted style gameplay...then Jade Raymond stepped in & we hear rumors of it now being an open world rpg, which bummed me out and deflated a bit of we get news that one of the creators responsible for the most underwhelming campaign in the Halo series is now working on it?

My hype is pretty much gone now, I have a feeling this game will feel hollow and stale, and that would be a shame because I think all of the creators involved could make great games if they were working in their own niche, but that doesn't seem to be the case so far.