New Wii U, Wii and 3DS Nintendo Selects games released in North America

12 new Nintendo Selects games have been released in North America for the Wii U, Wii and 3DS.

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PhoenixUp1583d ago

It's about time. Nintendo has a habit of selling their games at full price years after their release.

Just a few months ago I saw Super Mario 64 DS & Mario Kart DS still being sold new for full price at certain retailers.

DivineAssault 1583d ago

Their exclusives always hold value.. Im actually surprised they're releasing these at this price..

PhoenixUp1583d ago

That doesn't mean they should continue to be sold at full price, that's just absurd. Games with higher production values drop in price faster than Nintenfo games typically do.

rjason121582d ago

That's because a lot of those games do not have much replay value, or are annual franchises. The reason why most Nintendo games stay full price is because they only typically release one main smash bros, Zelda, Mario kart, etc.

PhoenixUp1582d ago

That's a very biased assumption to make. I can name plenty of games with high replayability that aren't being sold at full price.

Nintendo keeps the price high to make as much profit they can, plain and simple.

Sly-Lupin1582d ago

Lots of misunderstanding in the comments here.

Nintendo games tend to hold their value for years longer than other games... not because Nintendo is being stubborn and clinging to their habits, or trying to rip off consumers... it's because Nintendo games tend to sell well CONSISTENTLY.

Most big AAA games? They get most of their sales in the first week of release. After that, it's a trickle. Publishers like Ubisoft *have* to keep lowering the prices of their Assassin Creeds and what-have-you in order to get more people to buy their games as they age. But Nintendo games? They don't have that problem. Their software tends to enjoy strong sales for the whole lifetimes of their products.

GordonKnight1582d ago

What I've always liked about Nintendo games is no fear of the price dropping a month after launch. It really sucks when you pay $60 for a game at launch and then a month later it's $30 or even $20.