Former GameTrailers Crew Announcement 03.21.2016

This image showing a date of 03.21.2016 was posted in twitter by former GameTrailers crew:
Brandon Jones
Kyle Bosman
Michael Huber
Daniel Bloodworth
Bradley Ellis
Ben Moore
Ian Hinck

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ArchangelMike1587d ago

That's great news. I'm pretty sure if those guys get together whatever they do will be worth watching.

Mr Pumblechook1586d ago

A new video-focused channel supported by Kickstarter or Patreon?

I'm happy to watch whatever Kyle Bosman does next.

equal_youth1586d ago

Finally! IT had to happen!

yeahright21586d ago

Kyle was pretty much the only reason I visited that site. But I'll definitely give this new one a shot.

Kallisti1586d ago confirmed

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