Throwdown Ep. 71 – Quantum Breakdown

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"On this episode of Throwdown we discuss Quantum Break coming to PC and the fanboy rage that ensued. We also talk about January NPDs, the death of GameTrailers, and more! We're joined by Shareef Jackson, Cicero Holmes & Kahlief Adams from Spawn On Me and Parris Lilly from GamerTag Radio"

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MoreGravyPleez2052d ago

That was a great discussion! Man that QB and Bot talk, everyone wanted in on that!

Herbalistic2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

The average Xbox fans aren't getting all bent out of shape.Its those BGST idiots and their followers that are crying and upset.It must hurt them inside that they can't create bull crap videos about "AAA" exclusives anymore.

Romudeth2051d ago

That's a great point. The regular Xbox user probably doesn't give a shit that QB is coming to PC. They're too busy gaming to worry about that.

SwiffEpics2052d ago

Brett went in as usual. Love this show.

Profexxion2052d ago

Such a great episode. Loved the discussion.

brew2052d ago

- NPD group don't include bundled games.
- And the one guy mentioned a 2 to 1 sales difference , but NPD is U.S. only. The sales are fairly close between the 2 systems.

I'm a little surprised that 10 gamers who follow the industry either don't know these things , or are afraid to speak up on something. It's the throwdown. Don't be scared.

- hiphopgamer burn , lol

Romudeth2051d ago

We know that NPD doesn't include bundles. Also, didn't you hear when I said that NPD doesn't count digital or worldwide sales? lol