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The long-awaited new-gen debut of Hitman is finally here, and developer IO Interactive has done a lot to make the game feel like the successful past games of the popular stealth franchise.

Hitman is the first of a multi-episode series that follows Agent 47 from his training with the International Contract Agency to a mission 20 years late in Paris where you have to infiltrate a fashion show, and take out your targets.

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PiperMCFierceson3018d ago

I hope the bias of the author "not liking episodic games" didn't factor into the score. I'm really excited about this one.
Some are trying to compare this to mgs, let's see if this can compete.

JamesBroski3018d ago

Me too. I always loved the Hitman series. Tbh I don't really mind the episodic way they're taking, what I do mind though is that they're planning to release 5 maps. So the whole game will features only 6 levels... it sounds extremely small especially considering that Blood Money had 13.

MasterD9193018d ago

As a fan of the Hitman series- I really don't think this game will sell as well as it would have with a full release. People are going to downright rate negatively rate this game until the full release comes out.

shaun mcwayne3018d ago

Im not sure about episodic content, to me it feels like they want to get the game out early, sell it to you while they keep making it. Just like these new early access unfinished games. I will pick it up when all content is released as I do love the hitman series.

Hold_It3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It's not 6.5/10 at all. Author is a scrub, it's as simple as that. Easily the best Hitman they've ever made since 2 and Blood Money.

It feels like what real Hitman fans wanted, a combination of Hitman Blood Money and Hitman 2 running on a modified version of the Absolution engine (Glacier 2), with better A.I, more freedom, more replayability, and unlocks for being good at the game which adds more ways to play a level.

The loadout system is also back, with concealable weapon placements, and different points of entry for the level that are chosen by you in the "Planning Stage" before you execute a mission.


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JKSimmons2969d ago

I really enjoyed the beta. Glad to see the game is getting good reviews.


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